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  1. I recently got 10.5.2 running on a Dell D620 with the Intel 945 graphics chipset. After fiddling with some kexts, I found ones that gave me a nice clean display. I can play video on some websites, but I can't play a DVD in either DVDplayer or VLC 2.0. DVDPlayer gives a "video output device not found" message right when you launch it, and VLC will recognize the disc in the drive, but if you try to play, you get a a window with a black screen for a couple of seconds, then the window closes (leaving the VLC main window open) and no error messages. The only thing I was able to find online so far is something about "rpc2" drives not compatible with VLC, but I don't know how to check for that (looking up my drive model online did not list that anywhere). The drive works just fine in XP, and in OSX it reads data no problem. Any suggestions? Also - will Firefox for OSX run Flash? I get some websites that display the "plug-in needed to display content" but when I click to install, I'm told that there are no plugins available.
  2. NevadaDave

    I really need help with D620 sound/kernel panic

    I really need help with this - I finally got a USB wifi dongle working, so sound is the last barrier to overcome. Is there a wizard out there who can help?
  3. I have a partially working 10.4.6 install on a Dell D620. Since, apparently, OSX hates Intel wireless hardware, I bought a Panda USB wifi dongle from Amazon, made by Ralink. I tried installing the drivers that came on the min-CD, but kept getting errors. I then went to the Ralink website to get updated drivers. they listed one package for OSX 10.4, so I downloaded that (BTW - downloaded using Win XP, since I have no network connection at all when in OSX - the Broadcom etherenet refuses to work, no matter what I've done). I then booted up OSX, dragged the downloaded file from my XP drive onto the desktop, duoble-clicked the .dmg file and it put a nice little icon on the desktop. I opened that, selected the 10.4 folder, started the installer - it ran! I then re-booted as requested, but still no wireless Grrrrr! I stated searcing some more, because the system profiler clearly showed the dongle attached to USB, and recognized it as a wireless device. I also noted that the Product ID was 0x3070. Back to the internet in XP - found this website: http://www.wireless-...ivers-software/ which has drivers listed, one of which has 307x in the title. OK, let's try that! 5 minutes later, it is installed, and glorosky! I can now connect to the internet! However - the USB dongle shows up as "built-in ethernet", not a wireless adapter. Why is this? Is it a driver issue? Is there a problem with this configuration? Finally - any ideas on getting the Broadcom 9221 chipset working?
  4. I have installed a JaS 10.4.6 DVD multiple times in th past few days in an effort to resolve the lack of sound in my Dell D620. I made a codec dump, using Linux, of the Sigmatel sound card on mysystem, ran the Apple HDA patcher with that codec text, and every time I try to use it, I get a kernal panic at reboot, and the only way I know of to recover is to re-install the OSX system. This is very time-consuming and frustrating. FWIW, Ubuntu 11.04 installs and runs with the onboard sound with no problems (as does Win XP - I have a triple-boot setup right now). When I select the Mac OS in GRUB, it always starts in verbose mode, and I cannot seem to change that. AT any rate - what specific information can I post that would help someone tell me how to recover from this situation? All I can see is that the panic seems to be cause by the AppleHDAController, and obviously it was the result of me trying to patch the AppleHDA kext with my codec information. So far, I've asked 4 questions about sound/installation issues on this website, and received no answers. Is this because the problems I'm having are unusual, or are a bunch of wizards on vacation? ;-)
  5. NevadaDave

    Who is still using 10.4?

    Well... I'm trying to run 10.4.6 on a Dell D620, but lack of sound (despite repeated attempts and a variety of recommended "fixes") and lack of network access (onboard Broadcom chipset refuses to be recognized, despite everything I've tried) make it, at most, a pretty paperweight. OTOH, Ubuntu 11 installed on the same laptop, no problem, very quick, and EVERYTHING WORKS! OS X may be a nice OS (and I have used my son's iMac a bit, and it's OK) but the hackintosh route is just too hardware sensitive, in my very limited experience. Perhaps later I'll try a later OS version (Leopard or Snow Leopard) and see what happens.
  6. NevadaDave

    Noob question about Darwin

    I installed 10.4.6 on my D620, using an old Jas DVD. I use Acronis boot selector, and when I select OSX for boot, I either get just a quick flash of the Darwin boot screen, or the screen will show Darwin booting up, but with no opportunity to press F8 for options. I have tried pressing F8 at various times in the boot process, but the system just goes to the gray Apple screen no matter what. I am assuming there must be some way to tell Darwin to wait at the screen where it asks for boot options, but I don't know how. Any help?
  7. NevadaDave


    OK, I am totally stumped here... I have 10.4.6 on a Dell D620 with Sigmatel audio chipset. So far, nothing has worked to get sound, including a USB device (Lexicon Alpha). I have tried to follow the use of the VoodooHDA.kext, but still no good. Here's the story so far: I downloaded VoodooHDA.kext.2.7.2-10.6.zip and extracted it in Windows XP. I also downlaoded and extracted VoodooLoader_Installer.zip and VoodooPatcher.zip. When I boot to OSX, I get the extracted folders & drag them to my desktop. I also removed the AppleHDA.kext from the extensions folder. Now what? I tried putting the VoodooHDA.kext into my System\Library\Extensions folder & rebooting - nothing changed. I ran the Voodoo loader - nothing changed. I tried running the patcher, but if I drag the VoodooHDA.kext onto the patcher icon, I get asked for permission (no problem) but then I get rotating circle cursor and the ystem is hung up solid - can't select any other windows, can't shut down (unless I hold the power button long enough to force the BIOS to do it). rebooting afterward still shows no audio devices. Is this just a Tiger issue, or is there something else I'm missing. I realize that this is a hack - but it's really frustrating not having basic functions like sound and network capability. I'm open to advice here!
  8. I have 10.4.6 on a Dell D620. S far, no audio (after repeated attempts to get the Sigmatel chipset working) so I thought I'd try my Lexicon Alpha as audio I/O. Software installed OK, but the Alpha does not show up as an audio device. If I run the system profiler, the Alpha shows up on the USB bus, but that's it. If I run Audio MIDI setup, I show an "Aggregate Device" (whatever that is) but nothing else. I'm stuck - any ideas?
  9. NevadaDave

    D620 10.4.6 no ethernet

    Also - when I run the system profiler, that kext does not show up in the list
  10. NevadaDave

    D620 10.4.6 no ethernet

    OK, I've given up on trying to get the audio working on this rig, so I thought I'd try getting the Broadcom ethernet card working (it works fine in XP). I downloaded the AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext, put it into my extensions folder, did the chmod -R 755 and rebooted - if I try to configure the card the system reports "interface en0 does not exist" I'm stuck now - any help?
  11. NevadaDave

    D620 HDAPatch fails boot

    I recently got a Jas 10.4.6 install to run on my Dell D620. No sound, no networking, which seems to be typical. Other stuff seems OK. I selected the SSE2 and SSE3 options at the install, and my BIOS is set to disable multicore. I have tried twice now to run the HDApatch, with both a Sigmatel 9220 and a 9221 dump, but after running the patch and trying to restart, I get the"You need to restart your computer" screen. If I select the -v option when Darwin starts (and it is almost impossible - if I don't hit F8 just as I select "boot" from Acronis boot select, I can't get Darwin to recognize it) I eventually reach a point where the debugger is called, and there are a whole bunch of hex numbers that are totally meaningless to me. The last few lines make a reference to a backtrace being terminated, and a line says, "Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController(1.2.4a21)@0x50fa8000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.0)@0x4662e000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOHDAFamily(2.0)@0x5ofa2000 I notice that some other posts refer to a 1.16 patch, and it looks as if the one I have is 1.2.4 - is that the problem? The only way I can figure to fix this is to re-install the system, which is very time consuming. Before I do that again, any ideas as to why the boot fails after trying to get the sound working? Can I do something to remove the effects of the patch without having to do a re-install? I attached a camera shot of the screen when the install fails. I can see a number of references to things failing when trying to load audio stuff. Is there some specific process I need ot follow when running the patcher? I copied the files to my OSX drive, then dragged the .txt file onto the patcher icon, entered my password, then got a successful (as far as I can tell) process. If I can get sound and networking going, this might be kind of cool, but right now it's mostly a paperweight.
  12. NevadaDave

    640 GB HD reports as 128 GB in disk utility

    Anyone have any ideas about this? I have subsequently also noticed that NONE of the displayed drives can be manipulated (e.g. selecting First Aid, all of the options are grayed out) If I try erasing, I get a message that the drive is not mounted, but I can't mount the drive, either. I'm kinda stumped here!
  13. NevadaDave

    640 GB HD reports as 128 GB in disk utility

    No, I didn't - if I select that option, an error window comes up that says if the partition is made "Active" and does not have an OS installed, it may cause the system to stop working. FWIW, the 15 GB partition is NOT set as active, yet it shows up in the disk utility listing.
  14. Hello, I have a JAS 10.4.6 DVD. My desktop is a Gateway with 2.5 GHz Quad core Intel, 4 GB RAM, and 640 GB HD, running Vista 32 Home Premium 32 bit. The HD was factory partitioned into a 15GB "Recovery" (drive D:) and a 580 GB "Partion_1" (drive C:) I can go into the Vista disk management and make an additional 40GB partition, using empty space from the C: drive, without a problem. I've tried not formatting and formatting; I've tried giving it a drive letter and not giving it a drive letter, but when I run the boot DVD and get to disk utilities, the only drives that show up are the DVD drive, the 15GB "Recovery" partition, and a 128 GB "Partition_1" drive. The 40 GB partition does not appear, and my 540 GB partition appears to report back as 128 GB. At this point, I'm stuck - I can't seem to figure out how to "see" the 40 GB partition. Any ideas?
  15. Hello All, I finally read the sticky about how to ask a question, so I'll try this again with a better topic and description, and eliminate some deadwood from the post. I am running 10.4.6 (JaS load) on a Medion PC with a Microstar MS-6533-L motherboard, with a 2.4 GHz P4, with SSE2. The chipset is a SiS 645DX. OS is loaded onto a separate 40 GB HD, and I change the BIOS to tell it to boot form this HD, rather than the 120G XP HD. I have been unable to get sound working. I have the Realtek AC97 onboard sound. The vendor/device ID comes up as 0x70121039. If I apply the kext mod (adding the vendor/device string into the IntelICH kext) as shown in a variety of places, I will get a volume indicator on the menu bar after rebooting, and if I go into preferences, I will see the AC97 audio as an output device. However, if I actually try to USE the sound, whether trying the speaker setup test (which gives me a one-time burst of white noise) or running iTunes, the system locks up pretty hard - will not respond to mouse clicks (although the mouse pointer can be moved) or keyboard. The only thing I can do is a push the power button & reboot, then edit out the string I added. I have tried adding the dev/vendor string to the ICH6, the ICH5, the ICH4 and the nVidia sections of the kext with the same result. I realize that this seems to be a common issue, and that everyone is busy with their own problems - but does anyone have anything else I can try? Is there any theory as to why some folks seem to be able to get their AC97 sound to work, and many others don't? I apologize for multiple posting this problem - I didn't see any way to delete the previous posts. Thanks much!