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  1. Thanks for the tip - it works like a charm now!
  2. Thanks for the tip dward - I'll give it a shot. The original command is for sudo as well - but it has "Master Collection" in it - this is just Premiere Pro. So if I use this command will the cuda only work in premiere? Isn't it able to work in other adobe products as well (hence, the original master collection command)?
  3. I am getting this same error - any tips? There must be a way around this. If I put in the name of my card (GeForce GT 240) in that new box that pops up and then press crtl x - it asks me yes or no, I type in Y and for whatever reason, the screen doesn't show 'y' - it shows '&t' (or something similar, I'm not on computer right now, so can't check it, but I think that is what it shows) - then I hit enter and it gives me the [ error writing] message. Someone out there must have figured this out by now - I've been banging my head against a wall trying to get this to work for hours - please help.
  4. Noob - so I just got my hackintosh up and running - generally speaking it's running nicely - but am only getting 14fps in cinebench with a GT240 1GB DDR5. I know in a PC set-up this card gets closer to 30fps. I get 14fps on my 2008 mbp with only 256MB of older RAM - this just can't be right. Any tips? I have the latest nVidia driver and CUDA drivers installed. I've read other threads where others have had this problem and there appears to be a fix but I can't seem to find a definitive detailed solution.
  5. nVidia GT 240 vs GT 440

    I have another similar thread with higher range cards, but if I'm looking to get a sub-$100 card which one would people recommend for CUDA using Premiere? A lightly used (or preferably new if I can find one cheap enough) GT 240 1GB DDR5 or Their new (Fermi) GT 440 1GB DDR5 - faster clock than 240 running 10.6.8 It sounds like the Fermi's have issues? Is that still true or have those issues been resolved with updated drivers? I am looking for a card that is easy to install and is fully functional/compatible. tonymacx86 lists the 240 under approved nVidia cards. Thoughts? Opinions? The other choice is to scratch nVidia entirely if they are too much of a pain and go with a Radeon - but they don't support CUDA so I don't want to go that route if possible. Thanks
  6. Noob - GTX 285 vs GTX 460 vs GTX 470

    I'm looking to build a "Hack Mac Pro" and looking forward to taking advantage of CUDA - so I'm trying to stick with NVidia cards - but I would like it be fully compatible and not have any issues with a hackintosh. The problem is the 285 is tough to find new, although it sounds like it works like a charm. It looks like the 460 was on tonymac as fully compatible, but now it's crossed out and I hear you have to loop a video in the background to have it work correctly. The 470 is still listed on tonymac, but wouldn't it have the same problems as the 460? I am running 10.6.8. Any advice? I want it to be easy to set up and fully functional. Thanks!