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  1. Sabertooth DSDT, What patches do I need?

    I compared your DSDT to my patched DSDT and there are big differences. What did you patch, differences, advantages, etc. DSDT.aml.zip
  2. Sabertooth DSDT, What patches do I need?

    I have sabertooth x58 with i7 920 with 6gb ram installed. Using the latest 1304 bios. I extract the original DSDTs and right now I am prepared to patch. I am not sure what patches I need to do. DSDT Editor doesnt have a patch for ALC892 and I need that to get my ALC892 working (needs DSDT edit + AppleHDA edit)/ I attached my unmodified DSDT files. Sabertooth_x58_Original.zip
  3. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    Getting that 80% of the time now.
  4. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    That's what I did instead of using HDA Wizard. I also took the working 10.7.0 kext and used the files provided because it provides complete functionality and that didn't work either, so it might be the files and not the patch. I also just tried the 10.7.0 kext I have but it doesnt work on 10.7.2 gm.
  5. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    Tried this on my ASUS Sabertooth x58, did it twice and double checked my DSDT. OSX says no built in audio. Using the 10.7.2 GM AppleHDA.kext and applied the binary patch. Edit: it was my DSDT which is from the tonymac site, used the DSDT I found here and now it works.
  6. Need ALC892 Apple HDA 10.7.2 please

    I did the patch and made sure my DSDT had the edits but no audio detected for asus x58 sabertooth which uses the alc892 Edit: apparently it was my DSDT which I got from tonymac. I used the one provided here by a mod and working audio with the patches provided in the HDA wizard thread. I attached my patched alc892 kext from 10.7.2 AppleHDA.kext.zip
  7. Need ALC892 Apple HDA 10.7.2 please

    I need a patched AppleHDA for ALC892 with working HDMI/SPIF output (through my gtx285). xdi did a great job with 10.7.0, I have no idea how he did it. I would like the 10.7.2 from the GM. I uploaded the untouched kext from 10.7.2 in this post. If you could post a tutorial how you did it so I dont need to bug someone else in the future that would be great too. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  8. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    Xdi You did great work here, please post a tuturial on how to modify the applehda for the alc892 and please update to the latest lion kext when you can.
  9. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    No you shouldn't need anything besides the kext, remove voodoo and any other audio kexts. I used the dsdt for my motherboard on the tonymac site, as they are very good and tested. Try his dsdt for your board. Also make sure you repair disk permissions in disk utility after replacing/adding any kexts and clearing the kext caches. That might be your issue. I'm also using Chimera. He made this kext for ALC892 and specifically the Sabertooth x58, not sure if it is supposed to work with your board.
  10. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    When you get a chance can you update the appleHDA for 10.7.1?
  11. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    I'm using the DSDT provided my tonymac for my sabertooth x58.
  12. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    Thank you it works great, I could kiss you on the mouth. I hope you keep working on it. Spdif is working great. One problem I been having, and it's not this kext's fault. For some reason Audio Midi Setup reverts back to 44,000hz after reboot. I deleted all preference plist files I could find for audio and made sure voodoo was completely removed but it keeps reverting. I like to have it at 48,000 because some of my music was recorded at that. Not a big deal though, just wondering if you knew how to fix it.
  13. VoodooHDA 2.62 and Lion

    Audio Midi Setup keeps setting all of the frequencies to 44000. I keep changing them to 48000 but after each reboot it midi keep resetting. How can I fix this. I am running Lion. Edit: x.di provided me with a working appleHDA that has lineout plus working spdif's. The only issue remains, Audio Midi Setup keeps reverting to 44,000 on reboots when I set them to 48000. Small issue and no big deal, I deleted all the plist files I can find for audio and did countless reboots, repaired disk permissions and still nothing.
  14. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    Tried it in Lion and it works on my sabertooth x58. I really need SPDIF working. I have my gtx 285 connected to my motherboards SPDIF header and would love to have HDMI audio out to my tv. Please continue working on it.