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  1. Hello All, I recently purchased a Dell 10V with the mac OS already installed. All seems to work as far as can tall asside form one safari glitch mentioned below. Anyhow I have a few aplications where need to have a windows OS as well and I would also like to reload Win XP. Can this ben done after the mac OS has been installed or do I need to start forms scratch with partitions set up for each? Or can I use bootcamp or parallels? If anyone has tried this I would love soem advice? In regards to the Safari issue, sometimes when I open safari (more often then not) it opens but the browser window is not shown. I can access all the menu items and preferences, but I have no browser window. Any suggestions as to why? Is this a glitch due to the OS Hack? Take care, Marc
  2. Introduce yourself

    Im a new user from Los Angeles and just bought a used Dell Mini 10V with mac OS preinstaleld but wnat to learn more to add a dual boot. Also always been a PC person since my CAD software did not run well in MAC, but also into photography and editing movies so figured I would learn MAC to take advantage of programs that dont run on the PC. Getting the netbook is a first step in learning the ins and outs of a mac's OS and then perhaps I will build a desktop to use final cut pro... Best regards, Marc
  3. Hello All, I am new to this group, but plan to learn as much as I can. Anyhow after research on this site I was planning to buy a netbook and add the Mac OS myself, but I managed to find a used Dell 10v with the Mac OS already done. However I was planing to set it up with a dual boot of windows XP or 7 and am curious if I can add it to what I have, or if I need to start from scratch. A coworker mentioned using boot camp or Parallels but when I look at the guides here its done a different way. I bought this netbook to use on vacation to load photos as well as have internet wherever I go, but I do have some applications that are Windows only that I woulld not mind having access to as well. So my question is what is the best way to load a second OS to a netbook that already has the MAC OS installed? Since I am pressed for time, I would prefer to add to what I have iff possible rather then a complete reinstall. However if complete reinstall is required I can instill the help of a coworker who knows more about MACS then I do. Also I have both XP and Win 7 and am leaning toward XP since its less of a resource hog. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, Take care, Marc