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  1. Acer Revo R3610 - Ethernet Not Working

    I installed the ML on my Core2Duo HP laptop and then took the HDD out and connected it to my Revo via USB and Cloned the ML partition with Super Duper on One of the partitions of my Revo. And yeah I also installed the latest version of Chameleon ... I think v2.1 r2050 ... On booting up the Revo I got the PCI Configuration Begin Error ... I replaced the IOPCIFamily.Kext With This Then I got the Bluetooth Error - To fix this I DELETED IOBluetoothFamily.kext from S/L/E And then it booted just fine ...Actually before doing the above I tried something else also ... I installed all the kext from this post and forgot about them so they were all there .. actually they are all still there ... I tried replacing them with the originals but then the system booted in the black screen ... so something is definetely usefull ... will fix the ethernet first and if facetime and icloud works ok then I'll reinstall it fresh... And yeah Lion errors are also similar with similar solutions .. but I'm still trying to fix my icloud and face time Hope it helps
  2. I have recently installed 10.8 on the second partition of my Acer Revo R3610. The system is booting fine but the ethernet is not working. My ethernet chip is (I think) MCP79 and it is working fine in snow leopard and lion (so may be I can use the kext from lion or SL) Could anyone please help me with this. R3610 Specs: Processor - Intel Atom 330 Chipset - NVIDIA ION chipset Memory - 4GB Wifi Card - Removed before installing ML (as not working in Lion) Thanks
  3. I'm a bit confused now, coz I have windows server 2008 R2 on the other drive and it boots just fine natively with the same bios settings. and I also have windows 7 installed on Hyper V. Having windows application icons in the dock is a cool feature, which I really want and also the few programs which I use frequently are only windows based ... Plus windows 8 is coming Also about WOL ... its weird that if I shut the server down after running windows server then WOL works just fine from my iphone but nothing happens when I shuts down after using snow ... so its definitely something to do with os. Can anyone please post the steps to make it work in snow from complete shutdown.
  4. Anyone tried Parallels Or VMware Fusion and installed windows 7 or server on it? ... I have tried all the options with parallels but it always ends up in blue screen. But chrome OS and ubuntu works fine in parallels (not tried them with VMware yet). VMware is one step ahead of parallels - kernel panic every time I try to install windows 7 or try to run server 2008 from the second partition. (Reminds me of windows vista, xp and 98 days )
  5. I'm really sorry, I didn't mention the plist file.. I kinda added to the saf's comment ... REVO is acer revo R3610 ... Before starting this I brushed up my Mac skills by installing SL on that .. actually I tribooted it to install SL, Windows 7 and XBMC Live .... Both the options will give you different results .. First one will show you the Boot options screen and then only boot after the stipulated time. And second one will skip the whole process and will boot directly the default partition. First one is Helpful when you are dual booting coz otherwise you can always press F8 to get the boot options but it depends on personal choice I'm sure u know this already but just in case check this link for Chameleon Themes Saf My boot options are also in the same order as tk007b. Maybe it's something to do with the iosnetworkingfamily.kext and version 10.6.7 coz as tk007b upgraded from 10.6.7 and I also picked up the kext from 10.6.7 installation on acer revo (I'm just saying ... I have got no clue ... ) Glad you fixed it
  6. I've either of the 2 in my REVO - not sure which will suit you Either this Timeout=8 Number of seconds to pause at the boot: prompt. "Instant Menu"=Yes Force displaying the partition selection menu. "Default Partition" Sets the default boot partition, =hd(x,y) where 'x' is the disk number, 'y' the partition number. OR <key>Quiet Boot</key> <string>yes</string>
  7. I've installed this latest bios from hp
  8. Thanks Saf ... that was a really helpful post ... Actually I'M GETTING THE MAC ADDRESS WITHOUT USING ANY OF THE SCRIPTS. So when I rebooted after adding BCM5722.kext, MAC address was showing in the ethernet tab in network settings. I've rebooted couple of times after that and the MAC address is still there and also start up and shutdown are smooth too. I'll continue with the USB roll back in the morning after setting up screen share, just incase . Thanks again
  9. I am stuck with the networking issues .. No matter what I do, I can't access any ip address (not even my routers ip address) from SL. I checked my router's page from other pc and it shows HP's ip address connected to ethernet port but shows it as inactive. Here is what I did up till now- - Installed SL and updated to 10.6.8 (without USB rollback as it froze the USB and I had to reinstall everything) - Installed IONetworkingFamily.kext and AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext files using Kext Helper b7 in following combinations - A - IONetworkingFamily.kext and AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext files Both - Ethernet was green in settings but couldn't access any ip or website. (tried both manual with DHCP and manual Ip ) B - IONetworkingFamily.kext and AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext files using Kext Helper b7 and Deleted BCM5751ethernet.kext - Ethernet icon turned red in the network settings C- IONetworkingFamily.kext and AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext files using Kext Helper b7 and Replaced IONetworkingFamily.kext with IONetworkingFamily.kext from another hackintosh SL - Network icon was green but no access to any ip address. (Repaired permissions with kext utility in all of the above scenarios) I am using the following specs HDD 160GB Onboard graphics I'll really appreciate any help/suggestions to solve this issue. Thanks