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  1. Dual boot Win XP Pro 64-bit on a 2011 MacBook Pro?

    Thank you for responding 3.14r2. There are a few reasons why I need Win XP Pro 64-bit over Windows 7: -I need Win XP 64 to utilize my 8 GB of RAM -NinjaTrader is the more stable on XP Pro 64-bit than Win 7 -The bells and whistles on Win 7 are one of the main reasons I need Win XP 64 instead. They consume processing resources which would lag my system during trading. The driver issue concerns me but I will be simulation trading for about month until I know everything works. I didn't realize the dual boot process was the same as XP 32-bit, thanks. Which dual booter do you recommend I use? I have Boot Camp installed but it seems like other Mac owners choose other dual booting programs over Boot Camp. Can you please provide a link to one of the dual boot guides you mentioned? Thanks again! Nick
  2. Hello everyone, I am searching for advice or instructions on how to configure my 2011 MacBook Pro to dual boot Windows XP Professional 64-bit or OS X (I currently run 10.6.8 but plan to upgrade to Lion). Virtualization is not an option for me nor is Windows 7. Windows XP Pro 64-bit will solely be used for one program only: NinjaTrader I have searched extensively online for instructions with no luck. I am posting this question on both the Insanely Mac and tonymacx86 forums so please forgive my double forum posting! System Specs: 2.30 GHz i7-2820QM 128 GB Crucial SSD M4 SATA III Can anyone provide instructions, advice, info, etc. that might help? Best regards, Nick