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  1. hey everyone, im in need of some help, recently my powermac g5 1.8gHz dual procesor started shutting itself down, i checked in the logs, says sumthing about thermal runaway..... but it only goes to about 65 degrees celcius then sleeps.... i ran asd 2.5.8 and cpu 0 was fine, cpu 1 said tafs out of range - replace cpu... is there any other thing i can try before i replace the cpu?
  2. hey eveeryone< i just udated to 10.6.3, and forgot to instal the new legacy kernal and now the thing just restarts, how can i restore it or get it to bot again , dont want to reinstall help pleez
  3. hi there, im new here , got a couple of questions..... firstly i got snow leopard to install on a gigabyte board with 1.5 gb ram and 40gb ide drive with a celeron processor 2.6Ghz or there abouts (might be 2.4) anyways i installed it using a geforce fx 5500 agp card but it wouldnt boot just restarted after loading basically almost to the welcome screen, took the card out and it boots with the onborad graphics and works fine, its a bit slow, probably the celeron processor and ide drive is slow, but how do i get the graphics card to work? i used nvenabler or nvinject in setup options, cant remember coz it was installed about a week ago, oh and how do i install sound and network drivers while in the os? using the kext utility? . . . . . on another note i installed the same now leopard on my gaming pc at home with a gigabyte ep45-ud3p board 4gb ram got a spare 250gb sata drive for mac os x and a quad core q9550 cpu and geforce gtx 260 oc version.......first install worked, sound netwrk and graphics worked and is nice and fast,i just need to make it dual boot with win 7 now.. want to know where to find a tutorial for that as well.. thanx