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  1. [Issue + Fix] iCloud and iMessage

    Hi ikingblack, There is no DDST available for my P8P67 LE motherboard. Is there anything else I can do?
  2. Boot, go to your bios and choose boot from your USB I've got everything up and running except for audio Could someone please explain how I can get sound to work on my P8P67 LE motherboard (it has realtek 892 audio)? Also, I get an error message while trying to connect to iCloud. Strangely, it works fine on a Macbook Pro. Could it be because my hackintosh says "iMac 2001" when I click about this mac? Thanks so much. EDIT: iCloud still doesn't work, but I've managed to get the audio working through a program that I cannot mention here for obvious reasons. If you need help pm me or email me at mosh1243@gmail.com. A special thanks to eep357! Thanks so much man, you rock!
  3. Hey Andy, I was wondering, will this tutorial work with my P8P67 LE and i5 2500k? I want to dual boot windows and Mac OS X Lion on the same internal HDD. I have 1TB Black Carpio (Western Digital HDD) Thanks so much, Mosh
  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial, but will this also work with the P8P67 LE with an i5 2500K, and one 1TB HDD (Western DIgital Black Carpio)? I want to dual boot windows and Lion. Please help.