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    How to mount windows shares permanent?

    Perhaps a more easy way... Once you have the Windows shares mounted on your desktop, open up System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items and drag the Windows share from your desktop into the Login Items. Next restart your Windows Shares will mount.
  2. Having 3 Macs running beside the Mac OS x86 I can pretty much agree... x86 look and feel is almost on par with PPC versions of OS X. No doubt about it. Not an early Alpha stage. Years of x86 development are in this babe for sure!!! Didn't you hear Steve Jobs in his Keynote about this. Every single Mac PPC OS X version was 'shadowed' by an x86 version! From the first one on!!!
  3. Hpppmmmffff, After seeing all this I'd really wish Linus Thorvald would rise and start up a new little computing company that would give 'Thinking Different" a new life. Apple has become what they fought, a biggo money sucking machine all in for the money and totally ruthless and without moral. I can't seem to forget about that pirat-flag the Macintosh team used to have...
  4. Anyone who has ever used a Developer Version build or seed from Apple knows this is a normal thing in Apple Dev versions. Those who are running Mac OS x86 thinking it is a 100% retail System and talk about having dumped Windows XP etc. etc. Waaaakkkkeee up!!!! There will be a period that is bound to come, where this developer version of Mac OX x86 will be renewed several times within like a week until the GM (Golden Master) comes out!!! I expect like 15 new versions/builds/seeds to follow this 10.4.1 mac-intel one we are all gladly abusing (me included). And the poor souls outthere talking about 10.4.2 being developed with more/better hacking security and talk about apps being not compatible on purpose to avoid 10.4.1 users to use this 10.4.2... Nonsense. This is Apples' way to make sure Developers don't use old tools and use the newer tools Apple provides with the newer build.
  5. Pnutster

    Bought Tiger

    What I was wondering about the 2 Tiger packages you bought MJN. Do you have the hardware (Mac PPC) to run the original Tiger on???
  6. Detering hackers.... Nonsense! Since Mac OS X (for PPC's that is) new developer builds or seeds have had this phenomenon. No compatibility with the previous. Why would Apple. All apps will be on the new Developers seed. This is nothing new for Apple and building new developer versions of their OS. It has nothing to do with detering hackers. I have been following a lot of the MAC OS x86 topic since I am very anxious to know what Steve Jobs is up to. Will it run on Apple specificly chosen hardware only or will there be a CD/DVD for sale to install like Microsoft Windows is sold. For that time being I find it absolutely unbelievable that there are people outthere buying new hardware based on an early stage developer version of an OS. Developer version... that reminds me.... what is important in that... change?????? or hacker deterents???? hmmm.. glad I am not a developer.
  7. Pnutster

    [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    Hi all! Can anyone explain? For weeks I have run the Mac OS x86 on an Intel 865G based chipset. No Quartz Extreme no matter what offered solutions on this forum I tried. My last hopes were put on the AppleIntel830's from the original Darwin x86 ISO. No luck there either. So I gave it up. Wiped Mac OS x86 from my disk (it was 1 partiton only... No dual boot to Windows) and I installed Windows XP on the entire disk, again 1 partition only. Went through all the graphic driver stuff in XP (it didn't recognize it by default so I had to download graphic drivers for decent resolutions). In short. As soon as Windows XP was on it, I hated it again. Purely a personal opinion but for me there is no logic in a system where you go to "Start" to shutdown a computer... So I wiped it off and began the Mac OS x86 Install again. So the whole thing started again. I used the patched Release 1 DVD to install Mac OS x86, again 1 partition only. I followed the instructions on the AppleIntel830* files from the Darwin x86 8.01 ISO to try and get Quartz Extreme on a 865G board again. And it worked... Quartz Extreme supported!!! For a while that was... What I think I found out is that restarting is ok... QE will stay supported. Shutting down the PC made the graphics go bezerk. No normal boot. Only the -x option at boot made it go. Whatever I tried. QE never got supported again. So the next phase was, as I have read before in this specific topic about people switching to XP and back into Mac OS x86 again, make a dual boot Mac OS x86 and Win XP. Most easy way I found on the osx86project forum here was 1) install Mac OS x86 on one partition. 2) Install Win XP on the 2nd partition. 3) With fdisk make the Mac OS x86 partition active 4) Use built-in Darwin Dual boot at startup to choose OS And yes Quartz Extreme was supported again!!! What does a Windows XP install on a second partiiton and booting in that and then restarting into Mac OS x86 have to do with the support of Quartz Extreme in Mac OS x86??? Final thing I needed to know was... What happens when shutting the PC down? Mac OS x86 got scramled graphics again. Only the -x option got me into the OS. So again restarting... this time into Win XP. As soon as it came up, I restarted again and this time no boot options and voila! Quartz Extreme supported again. I have tried all possible solutions outthere in forums and would never have thought installling Win XP on the 2nd partition and thus making a dual boot would have anything to do with support of Quartz Extreme in Mac OS x86. Apparently it has.