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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I actually figured it out right after I read your suggestions. I hadn't yet tried all the codecs for the 9200 out there so using your recommendation to see if mine was different I set out to try every codec one by one. However it turns out it wasnt a codec issue so much as an RTFM issue. I was opening the AppleHDA patcher program and THEN dragging the codec file to the icon...yeah...that doesnt work so well kids. After I figured out that you just drag the codec to the icon and it handles the rest, wouldn't you know it, I have audio. Its crazy how things work when you do them using what we like to call the right way. Thanks for you help! Now I have everything working wonderfully.
  2. First off thanks to Devilhood for the awesome guide, it has helped me get OSX up and running on my E1705 in no time. I just have one problem left that I cant seem to get fixed. My lappy has a Sigmatel 9200 but I cant seem to get the AppleHDA solution to work for me. I have tried several versions of the patcher, along with several different codec dumps for the 9200 yet still get no love from my speakers. Just to make sure I am not missing something or doing something stupid, here is what I am doing: 1. Open AppleHDA Patcher 2. Click and drag text file to the AppleHDA Patcher Icon 3. Wait for the Cancel button to become Quit, then press Quit. 4. Reboot Am I missing something? Seems like I might be, but I dont know what. After restarting I have no sound, and nothing shows up in the interfaces tab of the Sounds System Preference page. Any ideas for an OSX86 noob? For the record here is what I am working with: 2ghz Core 2 Duo 2Gb Go 7900 GS Sigmatel 9200 Dual boot XP MCE and OSX86 10.4.8 Kernel 8.8.1