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  1. Adam1203

    Handoff not working correctly

    I am also having this issue with a custom built hackintosh. Others are also having the exact same problem. Not sure what the issue is, or if it will ever get fixed. I'm running 10.12.2 public beta with iOS 10.2 public beta. I have monitored the console and see multiple errors. I actually just gave up and turned handoff off for now, until (if) it gets fixed.
  2. Adam1203

    Find My Mac - Chameleon r2170

    I looked and it seems like the FMM token is changing after a reboot... weird.
  3. Now that Chameleon is handling the nvram injection to resolve the iMessage issue, it seems that Find My Mac no longer stays enabled after a reboot. I was previously using the work around outlined here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/271206-how-to-enable-find-my-mac-with-a-fake-recovery-hd-updated/ But that is no longer a valid work around with the new Chameleon. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to keep FMM enabled after a reboot? Thanks! Adam
  4. Adam1203

    iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    I ended up reloading my hack. Something with the Clover fix was left behind, and I couldn't get the Chameleon fix to work. Now, it works great.
  5. I was using a NVRAM launch daemon found in another thread, but now with Chameleon injecting NVRAM at boot... the launchdaemon won't work. I looked at the nvram.uuid.plist and the FMM token is there, it seems like it's missing the part that tells it to enable.
  6. Is there anyway to keep Find My Mac enabled after a reboot? iMessage now works great, thank you so much!
  7. Adam1203

    iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    Are there any extra steps to install the Cham 2170 after the clover fix has been used?
  8. After the install and first reboot, it worked great. Second reboot KP'd. Not sure what the message is, as I am not in front of my hack (did the steps remotely via LMI)
  9. Adam1203

    iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    Has anyone else noticed that after using the clover fix, there's now a boot.log and nvram.plist on the root of the boot driver after reboots?
  10. http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/07/difference-between-chimera-and.html
  11. If ya'll are able to fix this issue with her code, that would be a great remembrance to her. Would it be useful to try testing using the nvram launchdaemon? It wouldn't load it at boot, but it would at least load it at login.
  12. I wonder if a user that hasn't logged out of iMessage could export their iMessage entries from the keychain. Would that be helpful?
  13. Check out the third post down... http://www.insanelym...ed/page__st__20 I use this to enable FMM, it may be useful if we need to pull/create NVRAM data at boot. [EDIT] I ran the nvram -x -p on my hack, and I only have 6 keys.... none of which reference the UUID or EFI.
  14. I noticed that my x-ds-client-id is null.... I have a feeling that a new FakeSMC will be needed.
  15. The user icon issue is because the VM doesn't support acceleration. The mouse issue is probably because of the VMWare Tools. VMWare isn't reallys supposed to run OS X, it's a "work around" to get it to work. So it's kind of a trade off.