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  1. right, time for some updates - I re-did everything... If you follow the guide step by step then you shouldn't have any problems - the only things to watch out for are the following which i've come across - [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] - use the older version. not the latest one. [well that seemed to work for me anyway] a few items i've come across which, being a non-programmer / new to mac / etc i would appreciate any help on - the networking interface, regardless of how i set it up doesn't seem to work. i've tried all the options available to me, but it still won't connect. if i swap the ethernet cable over to my macbook then it works perfectly with the same settings (just a different IP address) I have a trackpad (pending the new mini servers next month when i'll probably plumb for one) and whilst using a compatible bluetooth dongle for the keyboard and trackpad, the trackpad only responds to the basic gestures, and completely freezes up when you try swipe or do anything more fancy than scroll with two fingers. I have noticed that when i go to set the screensaver the small screen preview shows up moving smoothly, but then when i test it there is plenty of judder. i know there has been mention made of the 64bit / 32bit issues with video; is there a workaround that is effective? so far so good though - its really cool having 'another mac' for now. i'll have some fun playing around with it until the new mini's are out. my 2c. cheers, CB
  2. hi J, got the basics going - managed to get past the first section of the installation, and it was up and running fine. Installed the 10.6.8 updates and 10.8.0 kernel, still working fine. followed instructions and rebooted and then downloaded and installed the necessaries for part 4 of the guide - and all was going well until it started up and whilst the screen came on and showed the osx desktop, the mouse and keyboard just didn't work at all? had no clue as to how to proceed from there... i was using the Chameleon 2 RC5 v747, and before doing that i installed [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and the various options as mentioned in the post - but i couldn't find the ATi stuff as per the post - there were earlier versions and a later version, which i opted for, and the main version (first in the list under graphics, ATI). installed then also installed chameleon, then that asked me to log out / log back in again? which i did - assume this is part of the installation or chameleon? and then once i rebooted with maxmem=2048 GraphicsEnabler=No -f, i got as described above - no keyboard and no mouse... (I'm using a ms usb mouse keyboard combo - but have a bluetooth dongle for my existing mac keyboard and magic- trackpad and mouse. any advice will be appreciated. thanks again - i was super chuffed when i managed to get it to boot the first time! cheers, CB
  3. Right, so i finally got it installing... (got about 20 minutes left) so i thought i'd post some questions here now - i know the post install instructions say that you need to install the 10.6.7 combo update and the 10.6.8 legacy kernel from Nawcom, but what about the 10.6.8 combo update? is this supported as i see in the replies there is mention of updating to 10.6.8 version and the same kernel as above. so which one is it? I'll see how this goes now, after all it is the first time i've managed to get it to boot / install this far... (i'll admit i did just press install and didn't configure the drive - as i had previously done so, and i didn't check if sleep enabler or graphics enabler are checked. or quicktime. oops.... (i can see i'm going to probably be doing this over again... ) Thanks again for the guidance and help! Saf, Splonk - thanks for pointing this out. I picked up a retail copy of Snow Leopard earlier today and this method has been much easier! Cheers, Chris [mac newbie and IT novice!] and does anyone have a clue how to properly sort out the idiot extra icons in launchpad lion? arghhhh!
  4. Hi J, ok, this is basically what I did step by step; got the HP unit out. mounted three x 250GB drives in it. got my copy of osx 10.6.6 out (the one which came with my macbook pro) then proceeded to install it to a 16gb flash drive. followed instructions on how to format it for booting (GUID partition) so got that sorted. Then spent a good 2 hours installing osx to the flash drive. once done installing (on my macbook) i go through the various bits and pieces to set it up and then shutdown the macbook. Remove the USB and restart the macbook. Now i'm back in existing system. Download nawcom's USB installer zip file as per instructions. Plug the flash drive into macbook. run nawcom's MODusb installer and finish installation. eject the drive. place usb drive into HP server. press power and wait for it to boot, get to the modbin boot prompt. type 'maxmem=2048' seeing as i have 8gb. press enter. then it does a bit of spinning and whatnot and then comes up with that error. i've tried also updating the os when newly installed, then running the kernel update from nawcom, then ejecting and rebooting into normal system, and then running the MODusb installer. this way doesn't even get me to the modbin boot screen. help?! lol... Where could i be going wrong? Thanks a million. Cheers, C
  5. Thanks for the guide Janitor. I had bought 4 of these microservers as my brother recommended them, and am currently setting one up as a media server. The other though I thought i'd put to good use - and i've followed this guide to a tee, but i also seem to get stuck at the: PostBootMounter : No ramdisk specified, exiting. [ PCI configuration begin ] and it just hangs from there... i have the exact same graphics card and have 8GB of memory installed, using the boot instructions from the guide, and are using a 16gb USB to boot from. I have 3x 250GB disks and a LG Super multi-blu BH10 disc drive installed, but not currently plugged in (thought i'd leave this until later in the tutorial where you mentioned disc drives). I'm still a recent convert / noob at mac stuff - and programming is not something i'm familiar with on this level, so its straight instructions for me only like in your guide... but now i'm stuck.. any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks.