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  1. http://store.psystar.com/opensource/openHa..._1.0.3.kext.zip Install that kext and your problems will be fixed.
  2. Hardware: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Rev. 1 E6600 C2D 8600 GT 256 MB Samsung 500GB SATA HD Lite-On SATA DVD-RW Config: vanilla kernel with both systems. I've tried pretty much every other combo, decrypters, no decrypter, no SMBBios, with all the different ones, etc. Problem: Install fails about 10% through. Gives following errors in console: This one is received several dozen times: 2/3/09 9:25:07 PM Installer[150] *** _ NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x19c0f8a0 of class NSConcreteData autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking Stack: (0x95c4773f 0x95b53e32 0x26271 0x378a9 0x38456 0x434a9 0x45a96 0x45e50 0x475bc 0x510bc 0x903b0095 0x903aff52) This one is received 2-3 dozen times after the one above is spammed a few hundred times, right before install fails: 2/3/09 9:30:21 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.blizzard.Installer[150] Missing symbol {OriginalInstallPath}! (SymbolTable::UnmappedSymbolSubstitution) Anyone have any suggestions? I remember having kalyway working before, think i'm going to try to split the partition and check if kalyway will work.
  3. My current setup (stupid MSI P35) requires me to boot with a -v -f cpus=1 flag, and I was wondering which kext/how to edit so that it automatically boots with those flags active as opposed to me having to wait and press f8 every time?
  4. A REAL Windows Activation Crack!

    That was what i was using for a while, but there are certain updates you won't get with this method, as they're for activated versions only. INSANELY easy to detect too, so i'd say it'll be the first to be patched.
  5. Windows Vista

    The main thing i absolutely love about vista over my existing linux/xp editions is the multimedia integration. You can call me a shill all you want, but i personally have an xbox 360 in the living room and a laptop as a media center extender in the bedroom. It makes life a lot more convienent when i can just have vista act as a main media server for the whole house. Media Center 2005 had the same capabilites, but with vista's updated media center it just seems a bit more user friendly to me. Other than that, i don't really care about any of the other new features. UAC is nice, to keep an edge on security i suppose, Ready boost is a nice way to quicken up your system, but Aero is pretty dumb, i've been doing that with windowsblinds forever, the sidebar (on my system, anyway 1 gig of ddr2) eats all of my memory, and luckily i haven't had any compatibility problems yet except vista won't recognize my 5 year old camcorder. Oh, last thing, dreamscapes is kind of cool, animated wallpaper, can set movies, even =)
  6. A bunch of you can shut up now...

    i SOOO hope this happens. No more needing to hack around to get things to work =)
  7. Vista Brute Force Keygen Appears

    Christ calm down mate, read the whole post before you start jumping to conclusions. The keygen is 100% fake. The author even admitted so.
  8. A REAL Windows Activation Crack!

    TBH Microsoft can check for this very easily. If you have not uninstalled the emulation driver, they can simply query your system if it has said driver installed. If you have uninstalled the driver, they can simply re-check your system's BIOS ACPI_SLIC information and determine it was non-legitimately activated. It will work for now, but be careful on what updates you apply, IMO.
  9. ATI Radeon Easy-Installer - BETA

    when installed, rebooted, no change in QE/CI on Radeon X600SE (PCIE) 0x5462. Callisto 6 installed for resolution adjustment. 10.4.8/8.8.1 install.
  10. USB Wireless adapters

    does it work right out of the box? or did you have to do any extra work to get it working? if it's natively supported in my 10.4.8, i'm going to buy one now. like, right now, lol.
  11. Success! My computer Specs Are: (Gateway CX200X Tablet PC) Intel Pentium M 1.87 GHz Intel 915PM 1 GB DDR2 Ati Mobility X600SE After several installs, the working installation steps were taken: i erased the partition, deselected EVERYTHING except the things that 10.4.8 installer would not let me deselect, including X600 support and common hardware. Ticked the Intel support, and completed installation. Audio works fine, (conexant onboard sound). so excited posted this right away, will do further testing on what else works and what doesn't.
  12. ya know, i'm having almost the same problem on my Gateway CX200X, install went fine, reboot, apple logo, spinning, then nothing, garbage grey screen with random lines floating around the screen, no hdd activity. Hope you figure it out, if you do let me know!