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  1. [FAKE] Mac OS X Officially on PC Legally by Apple

    Im glad its fake. I was convinced for a minute. I thought i was going to puke
  2. [FAKE] Mac OS X Officially on PC Legally by Apple

    This is crazy!! Heres the link http://storeapple.eu/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore/
  3. This looks pretty legit to me.
  4. Hello, I currently use an intel mac. I have a g4 logic board but, no power supply to use it. So, I thought I'd ask. What was the programmers button for? Did it load a different OS to program with? Document links if possible are welcomed.
  5. About this Mac Graphics

    This is what I came up with!
  6. Rhapsody DR2

    Hey guys!! Could I get the x86 and PPC Rhapsody too? I have and old intel and old Powermac I would love to try those out! Plz
  7. Mac-like computer cases for a PC?

    Alright, I looked on ebay. Your right they aren't half bad! Thnx!
  8. Mac-like computer cases for a PC?

    I meant one that looks like the G4 or G5. lol
  9. Sorry if I'm not in the right thread. I've built my hackintosh but, it doesn't look like one. I would like to get a case that resembles a mac case. Either G4 or G5 I like them both. I wish the G5 had the mobo drop down side panel thing,that was awesome. Anyway links to website or sumthing would be greatly appreciated. I bought a PowerMac Quicksilver (mirror doors) case it is too far beyond my abilities to mod it for a pc. I am going to sell it for $50.00 on ebay but I haven't yet. It is great shape I never used it and it has only one small scratch on the back that u can't even see. If you are interested let me know. the shipping would be free and I have a paypal.
  10. I was thinking about building a mini computer. I looked and saw that some have the Via C7 CPU. And some have intel, I haven't found any with AMD . Anyway if I buy the Via C7 one will OSx86 run on it?? Has anybody tried this? I'll prolly use the intel one anyway but I was just wondering. Also, just wondering I was thinking about a better case for my hackintosh anyone know of company's that sell them that look more like mac cases?? Just wonderin.
  11. Darwin hangs at login window?

    I used 10.4.7 and nothing.... I updated it with 10.4.8 BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Thnx all my problem is fixed!!! But I couldnt install just 10.4.8 as you see my prob. above But for whatever reason to upgrade made it work. So i'll go with it lol!
  12. This is what I get now. Never even budges after this it just sits there. I thought maybe it would open the login window but it never seems to happen. Any ideas? You neevr realise how dirty your computer screen is till you take a picture of it lol
  13. I have a post on the Post-installion forum about my error saying "still waiting for root device" Do you know how to fix this? I've googled and noting. Would the 10.4.8 release by tubgirl fix this? Im using 10.4.7
  14. ive googled around and there doesn't appear to be a fix to the waiting for root device error. Does anyone think that the _Tubgirl_ release would fix it? its 10.4.8 for amd. Or does anyone have any other ideas? Help.
  15. I can't even get into darwin I don't know where to press F8 cause it goes to the apple emediately. I'll try to get 10.4.8 by _Tubgirl_ Is it good? Ok forget the first part i got it, but it the -v it said still waiting for root device. So that can't be good lol. But thank you for getting me this far!