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  1. Since having installed OSx86 on a hard drive, I have been having frequent problems if I boot back to Windows. The OSX and XP installs are on entirely differnet drives, but the running of OSX seems to affect operations when in Windows. I run both installs on IDE-0. When one is running the other drive is completely removed. The Mac operations are 100% ok, it's all smooth and good. Once I boot into Windows though, problems begin. The hard drive keeps stalling (I say stall, I can hear it start and stop spinning). Windows freezes up.. sometimes it comes out of it sometimes it doesn't. Other times I'll get odd BSOD's (like "Unknown hard error"). This is all directly related to when I've been running OSX. I thought maybe that OSX ran in different mode from DMA, and verified upon boot into Windows that I was on DMA if available (which I was) and it was. Has anyone noticed any similar mishaps, or found a solution that may get rid of my problem? Thanks, -Iso
  2. Most addictive Mac games

    I want to laugh at all of you who are saying Halo is the best Mac game ever. Maybe if it had came out on Mac like was originally debuted and planned it could have been.. Nah, the best Mac games are the likes of Marathon, Myth Series (also made by Bungie) and of course Escape Velocity.
  3. I have a soyo P4VTE motherboard with onboard VIA rhine II fast ethernet. From what I've read, support for this was initially sparse but some headway was made and many people got it working. I went through the guide to install the VIA Rhine driver, and it loads according to dmesg, but it doesn't detect the MAC Address and it will not go into the active state. I have tried manually entering info in the Network preferences, but it's still unusable. If someone has a suggestion or a tip to get the chipset working with the latest OSX it'd be very helpful. Thanks, -Iso