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  1. Flash Player ?

    I have insatalled Snow Leopard , but ... Flash Player does not work on any Internet browser . Unfortunately I discovered that having accelerated hardware fault ... So click on any video and choosing "settings" I could disable the hardware acceleration. The trouble is fact that the settings do not respond to mouse clicks, it is as if that panel was not locked and anyone could click on. How? How to disable hardware acceleration? Maybe in some other way? Or is there an alterative functional elements to display flash? Sorry for my bad English . Help me please

    hello guys:) you can list all the kexts required for the proper functioning a hackintosh for a PRO5DI Series ASUS (Asus K50). I have already solved many problems (even the video card): D If you have an Asus k40/k50 You can list all the necessary drivers, for example I miss the trackpad or the sound (I have, but I want to get the maximum), the 'hibernate and reboot, and the webcam, we see the contrary (it's upside) sorry for my bad English ... please This is my system: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/myhackintosh.png/ (answer me as soon as possible and I will tell you as I did to get the most out of my video card (Intel GMA 4500) ({censored} ... I know), but it works! And great!) PS : I have the solution that everyone has always wanted for your video card Intel GMA 4500M, postatemi all links, and I will be posting the necessary kexts .... : P You see how beautiful translucent bar finder?? : DDD Bye . And tanks in advances .