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  1. Lion installation on esxi

    Cron, i follow'd your instructions but when i go to install osx lion, it always fails! any clues?
  2. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I migrated a working osx lion install, and its stuck on the apple logo, did smc=present, donk's patch, cpuid modification, it still hangs at apple logo screen, tried verbose startup didnt work, went to efi shell but it says boot is invalid command
  3. I've read and i'm confused! So first you create the virtual machine as 10.6, then under settings options you change it to 10.7, Root in, run Donk's Unlocker, then boot from usb to install ? Question, can i install via ISO if i first change to scsi cd rom drive? and then mount the lion iso? also do you have to change smc.present = true, and the cpu id to sandybridge? TIA!
  4. does anyone know how to fix this?

    just redid per your post, new kernel, replaced kext for the video, boots up but still the same thing, i'll proly just do a total reinstall. Is there a way to do a reinstall straight to 10.6.7? Kash
  5. i made the mistake of installing 10.6.7 update, disabled QE, and so i restored my Ktext's back ran the utility to fix the perms's restarted to cursor works fine, if i vnc in i get the same thing, atfirst i thought it was just a high monitor resolution. i have a bootable hdd that has osx86 running fine (which i am posting this off of) it is just 10.6 and i havent tried to restore time machine pre update, Thanks kash forgot to put its GMA950, Dell OPtiplex 520 or search tips would be great!, i tried to search for black display, cursor fine, lines etc but couldnt find anything.. everything else works fine
  6. Ok so someone in my house installed 10.4.9 with software update so i decided to reinstall 10.4.8 over again but the installer errors with file newer then the one its copying over a few questions i pose to yall is: A) can i uninstall the update? via some disk utility? can i force copy files though the installer some how? C) if the terminal via boot cd supports scp can i just scp the files over some now? from the 10.4.9 update thats out that works? TIA Kash