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  1. Are you sure the hardware is so similar? BOXD945GCLF Intel 945GC & ICH7 MSI Wind Intel 945GMS & ICH7M I think the northbridge and southbridge chipsets are different.
  2. Dang, I have an Aspire 3000, but I think the Broadcom chipset is 4318. I applied the patch, but it doesn't seem to identify the hardware. This may be a stupid question, but where would it show up? In the System Profiler in Network->Airport Card?
  3. Keyboard and Mouse dont work on laptop

    I think I kind of fixed my problem. I used the driver from this post and now it seems to work half the time. After the boot, sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. I can't figure out what the causes it to sometimes fail. You may want to try it. It may help you also.
  4. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    This seems to have fixed my keyboard problem. Although it only seems to work only after a cold boot and if I press a key during the boot up. If I don't touch anything, it doesn't seem to work. Odd...
  5. Back to boot menu without any load

    This happened to me when I was trying to use a "Graphics Mode" it didn't like. Try to use "?video" at the boot prompt for a list of video modes, and use one of those. Might help. If you can boot with -s into text only, it's likely a video issue.
  6. Keyboard and Mouse dont work on laptop

    I have the same laptop. I could not get touchpad or built-in keyboard working. I plugged in a USB Mac keyboard and my USB mouse into the keyboard. Those both worked. So I thought I have only USB and no PS2 support. Then I ran the SSE3 -> SSE2 patch version .41 After that, I rebooted. My system seemed very unstable up to this time. After the reboot, the USB keyboard and mouse didn't work, but the built-in keyboard and touchpad worked! Then I plugged the USB keyboard and mouse into a different USB port on my laptop, and all 4 devices worked! I was all happy until I came home and restarted my computer. Without the USB keyboard connected, I cannot boot my computer and have built-in keyboard or mouse. Does anyone know why I would need to have a USB keyboard plugged in at boot time in order to have PS2 keyboard and mouse work?