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  1. I used to have a Snow Leopard installation a few years ago, but I completely forgot how I did this. First of all, is there a hackintosh version of the last MacOs Yosemite? 1. I don't have access to a Mac or to a hackintosh to manipulate my pendrive. I have Windows or Ubuntu if that matters. 2. Where do I get all the files? For example, I used iAtkos a few years ago. 3. Is there any guide? I found so many here that I am very confused. Thanks in advance.
  2. iAtkos s2 v3 worked until I formatted my HD

    ?!?!?? pleaseeee makes no sense :-.
  3. Hey everybody... I installed s3v2 succesfully many times before on my dell 1558... had triple boot working with my win 7 and ubuntu... after a problem with my windows hd, i had to format the whole disk, which i did... I installed ubuntu, then win 7, and now i am trying to get mac os x again... I usually started the iatkos installation with the tag busratio=18 and it begun just fine... Now I have a problem... I boot from iAtkos, choose the cd, and it just doesn't start, it gets stuck on the chameleon on the top of the screen.... I thought it was the dvd, so i burned a new dvd... still the same... Tried the "-v busratio=18" and still... it doesn't even show the apple logo, it gts stuck on a blue screen!!!!! Since i used -v it shows me some lines, the last one is mach_kernel loaded or something... but it doesn't advance at all... Please help me... I used to install iAtkos a lot before I had to format my HD...
  4. I succesfully installed iAtkos on my dell studio 1558... it took me a while... after that I installed the 10.6.8 update... applied the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] procedure and I had to install some drivers for my ATI 5470 1GB, started the computer and worked sweetly... after all that I installed some programs: Skype, Office, Photoshop and Dreamweaver, the bluetooth driver, and since my built in wireless card doesn't work (4313) I got an external dongle with a RTL8188CU chip, installed its drivers... I restarted my computer and it all went fine, except the wifi dongle still didn't work... restarted again and went to Windows (I am dualbooting) to find a working driver... I got one that apparently worked, downloaded it, I also got voodoo battery since I thought it would help with my no battery indicator problem... I installed both in mac os, restarted and what happend now is my problem: It shows the iAtkos background but it doesn't show the login form... so I can't login... My first guess was: "It must be one of the kexts I just installed"... so I went into safe mode and got kernel panic... so I tried the -v -x GraphicsEnabler=no and it worked... I deleted the realtek kexts and the voodoo battery one... restarted and it still didn't work... I thought it might be a problem with the login form so I disabled the "automatic login disabled" option... I restarted and then it loaded my desktop but only the wallpaper and the mouse cursor... no dock or no bar... I wonder what happens... it has taken me a while to get iAtkos working and there is no apparent reason for this problem since I got rid of all kexsts I installed before the problem happened... I don't think photoshop made that happen since it was the last prog I installed before this whole thing started to ocurr... PLEASE HELP ME:...