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  1. Hi, the cpu halted error would occur for me until I got correct kernel because I have more than 4 gig of memory in my dv8. To solve this issue in the meantime I would type maxmem=4096 as a kernel flag before booting.
  2. Tested Mic, shows internal and external in system prefs sounds for choices, neither seems to work. Did see entry for them in i/o registry though. Any Ideas?
  3. Hi, no the wireless does not work as it is intel. I have a usb belkin n(ralink2870) wireless dongle. Mic , I don't use so I cannot say if it works are not. I wish you luck in getting the vanilla kernel to work. And will be following this thread closely for any progress. As it was my understanding that Snow leopard does not support the core i7 720QM natively. With the release of the new MacBook Pro's maybe this has changed? I don't know. I know they use the dual core version of the i7 which is the Arrandale line, while ours is Clarksfield. G4sho
  4. Hi all, I have a Hp dv8t core i7 qm720, w/gt230m, 1920x1080p screen, etc. I would just like to say, good guide. And also let everyone know what has worked for me to get all my cores to work and no cpus=1. After succesfuly getting your 10.6.3. hackbook pro bootable. Install the Legacy_Kernel for Intel/amd 10.6.3. available at http://www.kexts.com. Install this to your root drive. And use without a dsdt.aml file. Sleep,restart, shutdown, usb,sound, ethernet, all work. And to test to see if all your cores are working. Go to activity monitor in utilities, drag it to your task bar, then right click and choose monitor cpus. Should bring up box with 8 sections if you have core i7 720. Then run something like geekbench. If you see green activity in all 8 boxes then all your cores are working. G4sho
  5. That person had some bad luck, it happens. But If you really want to get a lot more data(one review just isn't enough in my opinion), check out www.notebookreview.com, look in discussions . There you will find 1000's of owners of the different laptops available, and the ups and downs of ownership for each of the different models.c
  6. Typing this on my Hp Dv8t 18.4 inch 1080p beauty. Running Hazard 10.6.2 distro. Core i7, 6gig ram, two 320 gig hard drives, nVidia gt230m(qe/ci fully functional), BluRay rom/Dvd-rw drive. All usb ports, esata, trackpad,keyboard,sleep,sound and touch sensitive volume control work. Ethernet built in works. Have not tested hdmi out, or card readers. Wireless intel n card does not work, but my belken fd6 4050 usb N card is working. For the money I paid for this(half the price of a base 17inch mac book pro) with overnight shipping, I am VERY happy with the results.
  7. Snow Leopard Retail with a GTX 260

    Here is a copy of my com.apple.Boot.Plist with the string that enables my Asus Geforce GTX 260 com.apple.Boot.plist.zip
  8. Transform Win 7 to Mac OS X ^^

    Its kinda of funny you should ask that, as that is the question most Apple Mac owners ask people who build hackintoshes. I fall into both categories, as I own real macs and 2 hackintoshes. The answer is inevitably, Because I can. And by the way OP, I like your theme. Where can I get the necessary goodies, as I run Win7 on my boxes too.
  9. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Mine about 1.5 % cpu with 8 programs running after deleting applehpet, and drives are responding correctly.
  10. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Mine beachballs, and I can't check logs, because I have switched everything to ide compatible, until a resolutions surfaces.(Reinstalled all software)
  11. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Hi all, I just installed snow leopard on my 8 core hackintosh with ich9r chipset, and it works flawlessly. No hangups whats soever. One other thing to note, even though it is probably not connected at all, when creating my dsdt.aml file for this computer, it had no errors, no warnings, and no remarks. Where as on my asus board, there were no errors, 7 warnings, and one remark. I will try the trick mentioned earlier to see what my results are.
  12. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    To everyone who is experiencing this drive slow down problem with ich10 when in achi mode, When booting up your system with -v, do you get an error that says "SerialATAPI device reconfiguration did not complete successfully. (failedCommandInfo = 0x1)? This is the one thing I find consistent no matter what drive I install SnowLeo on, I have tried on SSD drive, Sata Drive, as well as USB drive, I wonder is this the key to our problem. There is no such message when booting into Leo 10.5.8. Also this message is not present when in IDE compatibility mode. I will try to install SnowLeopard on to a partition on my 8 core box, which has ich9 chipset, and see what the results are.
  13. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Hi, you are running a board with intel 775, my board is asus, intel x58, core i7. The majority of the post Ive seen with this problem or asus with ich10r chipset.
  14. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Hi all, disabling the jmicron controller under onboard settings in bios, and then booting in 32bit mode helped alot, but still not perfect. Bootloader chameleon 2 ver r431, with snow leopard boot file support. Use -v -x32 at darwin prompt to boot 32bit. Leads me to believe problem with 64bit drivers or kernel. But as stated before I do not have this problem at all with Iatkos 10.5.7. upgraded to 10.5.8
  15. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    With snow leopard I used the chameleon 1.0.12 snow alternative bundle for bootloader. Drive set to achi in bios. Patched dsdt.aml file with dsdt gui patcher 1.0. After patch you need to check the dsdt.dsl file that is located in the sessions directory to make sure it did not add cpu alias, if it did you have to edit them out. And repatch the dsdt.dsl file with dsdt patcher non gui. I am using snowleo 10a432. I installed from the image from within my working 10.5.8 install. Once installed, before rebooting add the necessary kexts,repair permissions, and install the bootloader. I almost forgot, the snow alternative boot loader has the bootloader installer and a seperate file called boot. After you install the bootloader it will place a file named boot in your snowleopard root directory, you will need to replace it with the file named boot that came in the bundle.You then must reboot, and go into your bios turn off hyperthreading, enable only one cpu, set bclk to 133 multiplier to 20(2.66ghz) basically set bios to default settings except for what I mentioned above. Reboot, and hit f8 to get to you disk bootmenu, choose the drive you installed snow on, hit enter. And hit f8 immediately so you can get to the darwin kernel prompt. Then type -v busratio=20 cpus=1, then enter. And if your lucky, you should see the opening leopard video,and then your desktop. This is when you need to do your dsdt patching, once your patch is sucessful, you can then go back into your bios, and set everything back to normal, and you should be able to boot without kernel panic.