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  1. I originally had two partitions on my mac, osx (250gb) & bootcamp win 7 64 bit (250b). I upgraded to a bigger hdd and I extended the win 7 partition within windows to 320gb. This created a mismatch between GPT & mbr with regards to the size of the win 7 partition. Hence I cannot run windows 7 within Desktop parallels. It returns an error that indicates there is a mismatch between GPT and MBR. Now, I've done some research and it seems that the most reliable way is to start from zero and recreate the bootcamp partition to a size greater than the real size of the windows partion, and then restore win 7 partition from a backup copy. Is there any other way? As far as I know I wish there was program that I could use and modify the size in the GPT to reflect the real size of the partition. Everything I could find on the internet including this forum (refit, gparted etc.) seems to be hacky, buggy and overall not foolproof. gptsync from refit seems to work the other way around. Any suggestions? I wouldn't shy away from commercial products either. Thanks