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  1. Nokia Booklet 3G - OSx86

    as much as this site, etc is dedicated to using osx on unsupported.. I'd honestly say, unless it's been proven to be fully supported on all levels, don't buy it as a mac replacement.. I personally bought the thing to run windows, and it's glorious at this... I'm pretty sure putting osx on it is more of an experiment than advice to "buy one to be a mac" at this point- as you say, video and sound are an issue, although I'm more inclined to say the current issues are really as follow: lack of individual radio power control hdd spindown does not function, thus destroying any hope of reaching the 10+ hours battery life once can obtain in windows the dns bug all in all, I'm happy though that i have a spare system I can run basic osx apps on when i need access to them. and until there's more owrk on the gma500, I think that's the best luck we'll have. Sorry that you decided to buy the nice hardware specifically for running osx... on a related topic, what are we looking at in terms of adding an original or modified dsdt.aml to the mix- should it be done? on a related topic, what are we looking at in terms of adding an original or modified dsdt.aml to the mix- should it be done?
  2. Nokia Booklet 3G - OSx86

    yep... i'll try some other ps2 kexts later also- on a boot from -f -v i get no mouse, but a successive reboot i do... might be a buggy kext... anyway, i've been trimming out my kexts and updating... - voodoohda is useless obviously until we get actual sound working again, so there's no need to install it - the gma brightness enabler should be modified as i listed above - I've been experimenting with voodoopoweracpi to see if theres any chance it might have better clockdown than mini. - disabler.kext is NOT needed, but for some reason before i went to 10.6.2 i had problems without it... - snc.kext is useless if you use the option drivers I have a feeling the AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext needs modified to ignore warnings about the 80-conductor disconnected- unless i'm mistaken after looking at the hub in intel's documentation, there's NO sata at all, and the drive must be on a sata-ata bridge. This could speed things up drastically if the kext is only running at ata33 because of the 80-conductor error. lack of keyboard brightness control is a bit annoying, and individual power control via software for wireless would be nice... --EDIT-- http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/...903.html#msg903 if you're logged in, this post has a version of the kext that works fine. make sure to swap your option and command keys in the keyboard control panel if you prefer apple-style layout of course. --Another edit-- HDD sleep seems unstable, spinning down and instantly spinning back up- only during sleep does it seem to respect proper drive sleep. I tried going through processes and find that it's not even issuing any io when this happens... it's noticeable by a lound click every minute or so...
  3. Nokia Booklet 3G - OSx86

    Great work- a few comments I'd make: your link to chameleon no longer points to the file, and regardless, not the installer version. Following the readme included is simple however. I'd either make your own script for adding disabler to the sony kexts and then building the cache, or just explain it. To fix the screen brightness to full at boot, modify the GMA500BacklightDisplay's Info.plist as follows: max is the maximum intensity (255 is correct) min sets the lowest it can go- sure, 40 is fine if you want it to always be on at least some amount, but real macs can go down to 0 value is the level to startup at. note however, that changing the value of brightness in the vaiopenabler plist does NOT seem to work. It always dims the screen at boottime. oddly, I HAD sound before I installed the booklet-optimized bootloader- any idea what's up with that? another strange thing.. try using your `/~ key... voodoops2 by chance?
  4. Help with Pico-ITX installation

    Have you (or others) had any luck? The situation appears to be thus: VIA has neglected to properly fix the ACPI problems in the bios (that should make this possible after looking at the OQO installation methods)... EVEN THOUGH they demonstrated the board before shipment running vista (which also will not install due to the ACPI problem) On the first board I received, I attempted a downgrade of the bios to the previous version listed on the support site (but this killed the board, and with no removable rom, it was a lost cause), in hopes that an older version actually still retained the vista support, but it seems others have the same problem.
  5. I've been trying to get 10.4.x or 10.5.x installed on a new EPIA-PX board (also known as the pico-itx) from VIA. I realize this is far from supported, but considering that this board uses the VIA C7M cpu (the same as the OQO 02 that's been hacked to work), I theorize that there should be few issues with this. I've been testing using the kalyway 10.5.2 disc that's worked great for most other systems i've used it on. First, the boot process hangs at waiting for boot media if i use a USB dvd rom drive to install (not really surprising given the nonstandard chipset). Thus I have connected an ide HDD and CDROM and can progress further. Secondly, the bios on the EPIA-PX is flawed, and actually has a bug in the ACPI (hence its noncompliance with Vista or Windows PE - both fail install with an error about the ACPI being incompatible), however, I'd think there should be a way around this. Where I end up is with a hang displaying: ACPI_SMC_CtrlLoop::initCPUCtrlLoop - pmCPUControl (PMIOCSETPSTATETABLE) returned 0xffffffff I'm assuming this has something to do with the broken ACPI settings in the bios, but all changes I've made to the ACPI options have made no difference, and using the option 'platform=X86PC' has made no difference. Any suggestions? -thanks
  6. audio problem on sony x505

    x505 is based on the same technology as the u50-u750, SOny has purposefully DEACTIVATED iLink (firewire) and USB boot on all non-sony drives, your best bet is to get a sony iLink notebook drive (will have an extra 4-pin power header on the iLink port (drives without this will not work either) The other options are network boot and Norton Ghost (USB floppies are bootable) I use ghose, booted off a USB floppy to clone my u750 from another system already installed on the same network.
  7. Dual Boot or OSX Only?

    Single-boot on my Dell C610 and C640 laptops, Dual on my Dekstop D915GUXL system.
  8. For FCP Studio, simply remove the file "InstallationCheck" from every package in the install folder on the cd and you're good to go for installing everything (other than Motion) A good bit of functionality is lost with the nonfunctional Cocoa DV libraries however....
  9. PCMCIA Support

    Working flawlessly with Dell C640 and Dell C610 I use Belkin Firewire cards and CF adapters in them.
  10. Dual video card stuff?

    I'm using the Intel D915GUXL with the ADD2 card in the X16 slot and I get proper mac-style dual-display video and acceleration on both DVI and VGA simultaneously.
  11. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Dell Latitude c640 CPU Type: Intel® Pentium® 4 Mobile CPU CPU Speed: 1.6 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 512 MB Bus Speed: 533 MHz Drive: 100GB 4200RPM ST9100823A Video: VESA 32MB ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 Score 21.5 defor_c640.txt
  12. Also keyboard eject buttons work (ex: Dell Laptop Fn+F10) And the tried and true pre-pro-keyboard Apple method (hold F12 until eject logo shows on screen)