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    Lenovo x300 and 10.5.2

    There's a thread here that's got more info: http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t...;highlight=x300 But it still doesn't sound too promising to me...
  2. foobarro

    Lenovo x300 and 10.5.2

    So, I just got a beautiful new Lenovo x300 via work - and wondering how much success I'll have getting 10.5.2 on it. Anyway tried yet? What installer did you use? What works? What doesn't? Thanks in advance...
  3. foobarro

    BAMBIOS: BIOS emulator for EFI

    Well, one of the three guys who did this, Amit Singh, is the smart fellow who came out with those cool motion sensor apps for the OS X a year or two ago - check 'em out on his site. He (and his 2 colleagues) seem like they definitely have the chops to do this....
  4. foobarro

    citrix ica client?

    Latest Citrix ICA client for Mac (7.00.406) installs with no problems, and is working perfectly here with client profiles. It also works here with NFuse, though I have to doubleclick the downloaded launch.asp file. This is in Safari, which I am running in PPC (Rosetta) mode. HTH...
  5. foobarro


    Not me. I tried changing System Preferences to run in Rosetta mode (checkbox in its Get Info window), and LS installed OK, but then when start'ing it, I get a message saying it was corrupted...
  6. foobarro

    Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Answering my own question here - just check the "Use Rosetta" box in Get Info on the System Preferences application... Having done that, Little Snitch does get further in installation, but then when trying to start it up, I get a message that it's corrupted...
  7. foobarro

    Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Can someone elaborate on how one runs System Preferences in Rosetta mode? I think this might be why Little Snitch doesn't work... Thx