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  1. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I've managed to install Leo from iDeneb 1.3, but Snow Leo won't boot. May be someone can give me some advice (screen attached) It seems to me, that system can't see HDD, but may be I'm wrong. I have similiar problems with Leo also, but after some attempts to combinate patches included into the iDeneb I've managed to install it properly. (There I have famous 'Still waiting for root device' message) Info: VirtualBox 3.1.6 Patched CPU: q9550 System: Windows 7 x64
  2. You have same story like mine? Card didn't appear in lspci listing and so on?
  3. kizwan I don't have this dump :\ But I remember that I've restored two first strings from original dump file. (from 0x00 to 0x1F) But you can get the addresses of these constants pci_dev_id of ath_info. Just try ath_info -w 80200000 pci_dev_id 0x0000 (without -g) this value will not be written, but you can get an address in ath_info output =) PS I'm happy to be somehow helpful
  4. kizwan OK, my full story. 0) I've dumped original EEPROM 1) I've tried to rebrand my card after ath_info documentation. So I've used commands like that: ath_info -g 1:0 -w fa9f0000 pci_dev_id 1014 In that way I've changed dev id, device class, subvendor and subdevice ids. After reboot card's device id is ff1b. Then I've dumped current EEPROM and compared it to original. 2) I've manage to get back to original EEPROM. It was difficult, because addressing in file and EEPROM is different. (In EEPROM each 16bits have address, in file each 8 bits have adress). I've used commands like ath_info -g 1:0 -w fa9f0000 0x01 0x169c (0x01 is address or offset, 0x169c value) After reboot all gone OK, card is now recognized like it always was. 3) Manually analyze the EEPROM dump and try to guess where my numbers are. I've successfully changed device id, subdevice and subvendor ids. In windows xp card was recognized as a/b/g Wireless Adapter and in device manager I can see the values I've just changed. Macos don't recognize card at all. 4) Try to change device class id. Manually, as before. I've changed one pair which was 0x0200 to 0x0280 and gard has gone PS Be careful with manual flashing. Addresses in dump file are not equal to addresses in EEPROM, also pairs are in reversed order. The value 0x168c in EEPROM is equal to two bytes in dump file: 0x8c 0x16 PPS Sorry, I'll be able to write full-sized and clear tutorial about my experience, if only I knew English better.
  5. Interesting.. I've decompressed my AMI BIOS image with amideco (linux util, under ubuntu is accessible by simple apt-get install amideco). After decompressing I see only two PCI modules: one for ATI X1100M Video, second for Attansic L2 Fast Ethernet, but my atheros wireless was not mentioned here. Hm... Second funny thing, that amideco can't compress BIOS back..
  6. R.I.P Prawker

    Oh, God, why? Goodbye Prawker, you've gone to better place..
  7. Here is BIOS image for my notebook and small windows utility for editing. I don't know if this utility can do the trick or no, I'm not experienced in BIOS hacking. Maybe someone can give me an advice? AMIBCP313.tar.gz
  8. ZD1211 - Any Solutions?

    At this point I don't know what to tell you.. Maybe someone else helps you with this PS But mainly errors are with IOPCIFamily.kext. Try to find some version of this kext on forum and replace your kext with it. I'd advice to backup your kext, because all can be useful.. Also IOATA and IOATAPI fails. Interesting.
  9. ZD1211 - Any Solutions?

    Try to boot with USB Wireless already plugged. Boot with -v and try to realize if there is any output of ZD1211 driver. Also check ifconfig. Sometimes card is not present in Network preferences, but present in ifconfig. Try kextload ZD1211Mac.kext. Is it loads properly?
  10. The card is AR5007EG. Original IDs was 001c:168c. Which chipset exactly is on my card i dunno I have Asus F5RL notebook. Core 2Duo T5250 Processor, ATI x1100 video (SB600 ATI chipset). Computer Have AMI Bios. Is it possible to somehow crack it? I've been seen something about phoenix BIOS of HP DV series.. Is it possible here?I can provide latest bios image..
  11. My Original dump. Be careful. It may be or may be not equal to your EEPROM. I've changed value at 0x90 (adress in dump file) offset from 0x00 to 0x80. Note, that appropriate address in EEPROM will be different, because there is one address for each byte pair.. I know, that I'm changed exactly this byte, because I've dumped result before reboot. After reboot card no longer exist orig.bin.tar.gz
  12. Problem is, that my card was disappeared from device manager and lspci output at all. I can't access it at all. Maybe I've overwritten something vital for card, i don't know. I can attach original EEPROM dump (I have backup) and point at byte pair I've changed.. PS Wireless switch on my notebook also don't work (led is always off)
  13. ZD1211 - Any Solutions?

    There is last version of driver for USB Wireless based on ZD1211 or ZD1211b(ZD1215) chip. Try to install version for 10.4 Tiger on your Leo. If you're lucky, this will work. On my PC it works only in OHCI mode. On EHCI mode it hang all USB devices... ZDA1211MacUSB_install_4_5_10_0.zip
  14. I've successfully patched device id and subsys id (both vendor and device). Device was working under XP and was detected as 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter and working. But no luck in Macos. But after I've tried to change device class ID (from 200 to 280) my wireless card was disappeared at all. No device at xp (As if I've removed it or locked in BIOS) and no device at linux. Seems like I've no chance to get it back. Maybe someone can give me an advice?
  15. I've tried to rebrand my AR5007EG with strange result.. 1) I've taken adress from lspci. It is fa9f0000 2) Try to rebrand with ath_info: ath_info -g 1:0 -w fa9f0000 pci_dev_id 1014 .... 3) Reboot. After reboot I see that my Atheros device ID is ff1b.. Why? ath_info says that all is OK and value 1014 has been written, but real device ID changed to ff1b.... Help me, please!