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  1. Hello. I've got an ATI 6850. I recently picked up a 3rd monitor which I am connecting through the card's displayport. The other two monitors are connected via DVI. I was pleased to discover that this 3rd monitor worked out of the box-- no additional configuration was required. However, the monitor doesn't recognize that it's plugged in immediately, I have to unplug and re-plug the displayport to get it to recognize there's a signal being sent (even though it shows up under display preferences). Once I have done this it works great. How would I avoid having to re-connect the displayport every time I boot my computer? Thanks!
  2. I have the same ATI 6850 problem-- no QE/CI. Initially I didn't have a second monitor enabled either, but setting GraphicsEnabler to No helped that problem. I tried GraphicsEnabler with Duckweed framebuffer but that didn't work. If anyone could be so kind as to help with this issue that will be great. In the mean time I will keep hacking at it, and report back if I find anything.
  3. I found the answer which is Yes, if anyone is wondering or searches for this topic in the future.
  4. Please excuse me if this topic is miscategorized. I was wondering if OS X is compatible with SATA III drives. I would like to buy a Vertex 3 for my new Hackintosh but wanted to make sure I can actually take advantage of the SATA III interface over a Vertex 2. Thank you!