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  1. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    The Global Economy

    I seem to be confused because I can't quite figure out where the connection to socialism came from. Socialism is an ideology, it does in fact exist in various forms within most of our governments. The idea that wealth or resource can be divided up fairly amongst every citizen in a country certainly exists and sometimes is achieved; such as health care in Europe, or Social security in the US. However, the way we achieve having health care or social security is through capitalism. That's were all the money comes from; trading, profit, corporations, mergers, commodities and of course screwing workers out of their money, exploitation (Marx). That some parts of our social systems resemble socialism is no surprise, since the socialist system has many merits for the development of programs that every human needs, since at the end of the day, we are all humans and there are in fact certain things we all need; food, health care, air, etc. It's when some of our needed resources are capitalized on that problems arise; Enron with our energy, WAMU with our house loans, Well-fare to work programs, even FEMA during Katrina are all examples of necessary social systems being run as capitalist since someone saw the potentail for profit. As for why people see socialism in such a negative light, thats easy, it is a carryover from the cold war and Vietnam. Once those baby boomers are done sapping the earth of everything they can while making obscene amounts of profit for the Western world, I predict a rise in socialist systems, because all the younger people in the world are far more educated and cultured than any baby boomer at the same age in life. We all understand the complex system that the world has become and the need to try to make sure that most people are at least eating, and that our environment needs help after the industrial rapist revolution. This is an economic problem of the past; too much greed. Its the same story again, its the same story capitalism will tell every time it can.
  2. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    The Global Economy

    Um, the world economy and especially American economy is a capitalist system. This has everything to do with capitalism; the practices and regulations there of. Technically not socialist, I see your point mp, the history of socialism has been that there is a larger population of poor and a small percentage of rich. However, that has been the case for nearly all recorded history. The rich and the poor have existed before money, and economy were even invented. What we're talking about here is how the system that we have now, sociologically speaking a legal-rational capitalist system (Weber, Economy and Society), how this system did what it did and the future of its regulations is what we're talking about here.
  3. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    The Global Economy

    So as far as I can tell, especially from the lessons to be learned from this economic crisis, is that capitalism is a very risky business. It all relies on what people think, literally. If investors 'feel' like a stock is going to drop, they drop it first, and if they 'feel' confident they'll invest. I suppose one of the most interesting things about this whole mess, is that everybody in the world is suddenly caring about how investors feel, trying to get their confidence up, which is in fact an emotion. Suddenly the emotionless system of capitalism has feelings. Of course feelings are often times illogical, sometimes even unfounded. That these investors have built their life on the business of capitalism, supporting the ideals and philosophies there of, its interesting that some of them have seemed to lose hope, confidence in that system. So here we are, the cats out of the bag. Capitalism is at least in some way effected by emotion. Fear, confidence, stress and friendship, amongst other emotions, all are important here. Though Business schools and managers and our bosses tell us to take emotion out of finance, believing it is a system based on rational scientific processes, only the organization is rational, the practice is almost completely emotional. The people who have gotten us here lacked emotion, they gave out loans knowing people couldn't pay providing much short term happiness with a conclusion of bankruptcy. These loaners smiled day after day, getting kudos from their employers for getting so many people to sign up for interested loans (WAMU). So lets try to make these people 'feel' better, and lets restore their confidence so that they can continue to have confident business practices that take money from people all around the world. Confidently, arrogantly taking money believing they did a great job. Cause its all about the bottom line: profit. Sweet, sweet gains.
  4. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    Pirate or Ninja

    Wow. Ninjas are nothing compared to pirates. And both have a lot to do with everyday life! I speak constantly about these life choices to my fellow man. The cool people decide on pirates though. Usually people pick ninjas because they are scared and know that they couldn't handle the white hot flash of violence on the high seas for the short three years, if you're lucky, that is piracy. I guess youz ninjas would rather sneak up on people, never face them or actually challenge them in any honerable way and poison them with strings. Whatever. I'll be the guy fuked up in the corner off of too much rum and sex, rich from the Spanish trading galleon that me and my men pirated earlier that morning in fair wind and clear waters. You ninjas can meditate and then throw a ninja star and then meditate more, whilst never drinking, smoking, laughing, sexing girls up or ever, ever being cool. Because if it is one thing that pirates have that ninjas don't: straight rock n' roll coolness in their pants. Ninjas have a few positive traits too, but the word coolness need not be applied. Ever. Cool means something different than ninjas.
  5. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    Pirate or Ninja

    What are you? I am a pirate. Ninjas are not pirates. Therefore ninjas suck balls.
  6. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    Should we bomb North Korea?

    England also has (to add to your almost completely mis-understandable list) bad breath and bad teeth, many, many ugly people, fairly crappy food overall, completely arrogant people, a sickeningly bloody history full of ignorance and murder, a loosing streak in WWII and Tony Blair. Oh yeah, Margret Thatcher.... eeewwwwwww... and as for the superiority, lol, your country has lost almost everything since you've had it all. You even lost America because you were so bloody ignorant.
  7. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    I couldn't believe it

    lol, hell yeah.
  8. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    The moon landing

    Oh Lord, someone actually voted fake.....
  9. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    I couldn't believe it

    Killbot is my anti-thesis, so I know him well. He kills because he is a killbot, it is his purpose as a killbot, it is his programing. My programing is to spread life until the year 7007. Who's Jonathan?
  10. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    Should we bomb North Korea?

    Canada is to the USA what Oregon is to California; less cool.
  11. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    What should I do now that I'm here in Europe?

    Steal some, they are hot.
  12. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    I couldn't believe it

    Killbot does kill babies though. His name is Killbot.
  13. LifeDroidGenesis7007


    It's cool Ory, honestly you should go listen to some music that makes you happy, that let's you think and reflect. Music that will open the window of your mind home and let you enjoy the life lillies in your happy yard. You know, Metallica and bourbon!
  14. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    My Life's recent twist

    But you also need to have passion to sway the thoughts of others!!
  15. LifeDroidGenesis7007

    Ebay Sucks

    oooooo "I don't care"... good choice on this one... I buy drugs okay, I can't get those on ebay.... so actually, I'd like to change my answer to "It's really bad."