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  1. I know this will not be helpful, but I am posting this just to let you know I have the exact same problem. I installed the patched Jas 10.4.8 on my External USB HDD (onto my Acer Ferrari, SSE2 AMD 64 / ATIRadeon9700) without any difficulty, however the only way I can get it to boot is to physically swap it out with the INTERNAL drive in my laptop. It boots beautifully from there, and the only thing that doesn't seem to work natively is the ATI card, but I have been messing around with all the top-notch advice/drivers on this forum and almost having it working. Only problem is booting - I cant get my system to boot it from the EXT drive & I have triede every method I have seen written about here - chain0, changing the boot seq in the BIOS, Acronis etc and no method seems willing to ackowledge that the drive is even there. And yet when I boot into OS-X hooked up internally, it can see any external USB drive I throw at it. I may simply have to get a bigger drive and put OS-X on a partition. I rather liked the idea of booting it from an external drive, but I am beginning to believe that it has nothing to with the software, but rather it is a HW issue (despite the fact that everything I have read about my system says it should be able to boot from USB). Let us know if you figure it out. I certainly will do the same. Cheers, HooKs