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  1. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    what programs do you use to monitor the computer to see if the program is really working?
  2. AD1981 on 10.5.6

    Has anyone with an AD1981 soundmax installed IPC 10.5.6 and gotten it to work? I've been installing the Azalia files but those always cause kernel panics, Some got it to work with 10.5.5 but i guess 10.5.6 works diffrently For those who gotten it to work with 10.5.5 did you install any DSDT patcher? thanks
  3. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    On T7200 c2d sony vgn-sz330p/b(laptop)vanilla ipc 10.5.6 installed generic (didnt shut down, no batt info), Openhalt (same result) Voodoo v1.2 No result either. I havn't messed with my osx setup for awhile b/c of school. did a fresh install w/ IPC. Am i doing something wrong? Am i suppose to remove the Generic and Openhalt Kext? then install Voodoo? If so how do i remove the generic and openhalt kexts? thanks.
  4. Hi, i am wondering if anyone has the Sony SZ 330p/b or something similar. Vgn-SZ330p/b: on Vanilla T7200 C2D GMA 945/950, Nvidia 7400go 2gb Ram Sata 1 HD Alps Touch pad Atheros 5006x wireless Everything seems to be working well except for shutting down and battery meter not showing up. I installed it and seem to be having problems with Shutting Down unless its on A/c power. There is no sleep option. I was wondering what power management packet does the sony users used? PS i used OpenHalt but no success. Unless i installed it wrong? what i did was used kext helper to install it. Thanks in advance,
  5. Anyone has a Sony (alps) cant seem to get a good track speed, 2 finger scrolling works fine, Mouse Speed is i guess a little above slow. set both synaptics and Alps level at 107 (for some reason i had to set both to make my pad work) thanks alot
  6. Sony SZ series

    hi, i got a sony vgn-sz330p and dual booting w/ xp and leop. I was wondering if anyone has success with the touchpad, bluetooth, and motion eye camera. thanks
  7. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    Anyone know how to uninstall Alps. the sensitivity is way too much. Going to wait on different version thanks in advance
  8. Im a newb with a Toshiba u205-5002, running 10.4.7 and on duo core but my question is, has anyone w/ 10.4.7 gotten a security update by apple to work? When i download hte updates it just tells me that it cant install when it comes to selecting the HDD. 10.4.8 doesn't work on my computer for some reason. 10.4.7 Runs fine, loving it. THanks in advance.