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  1. I am using NetKas kernel. Kernel from NetKas on March 26, can sleep very quick, can wake up. However, usb mouse and keyboard need to be replug in for working. Kernel from Netkas on April 19, can sleep, but can not wake up. I am trying different, certainly, will try this one and let you know the result. Tired the one from IRC, it can sleep and can wake up, but USB devices do not work.
  2. iQQ

    Intel 82562v LAN driver

    I dump the code, and tried to use AppleHDA Patcher 1.15, but it cause OSX crash. So I move to IBM x40, It can patch the HDA file, but, no digital output. Then in irc, prasys patched it for me. If you need, I can attach here. What is your LAN, 82562v?
  3. I have a Dell Dimension E520, which comes with: Intel G965 Motherboard ICH8R storage controller, with SATA II hard drive + DVD RW FSB=1066 CPU=Core 2 Duo, 2.4GH 2 GB memory Onboard SigmaTel 9227 Audio Onboard Intel 82562v 10/100 Lan Take hard drive out and put it in a USB hard drive external box, plug into my IBM x40, install with JaS 10.4.8 Modify AppleAHCIPort.kext with AHCI ID 0x28228086 and AppleVIAATA.kext with SATA ID 0x28208086 0x28258086 Delete Entension cache and .mkext Repair disk permission Shutdown and put hard drive back to E520 Works fine except audio and Lan. Thanks to prasys built audio driver for me, it works perfect now. Only LAN can't work. I tried all methods I can find, none of them works. Can any one help me work it out? For reference, you may see solutions in Linux: http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewto...p?topic_id=5865