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  1. Works great. I have the same board and also changed the Sleep setting to S3 in the BIOS. Everything's working great with Vanilla Kernel.
  2. Leopard on Dell XPSGEN2

    - Hi. I have a dell XPS M170 (sse2 only) M proc. I willl try to point you in the right direction. I just finished installing Leo on it. Here are the basics for getting it installed. At least this worked for me. Hope it helps.: 1) Look around for seomthing called "Format & Make Bootable HD for Leopard" iso, its made by kalaway. Its a bootable disc. Install this following the instructions on screen 2) Try to get your hands on "ToH_x86_9A581_RC2" and install it after you finish step one. 3) Upon first reboot, I had to shutdown manually and restart. Then it loaded fine. 4) This is what is working and is not working so far (I am still testing, list is not complete): Audio AC97 Audio - Working Graphics were 1024x768 with no choice of other resolutions - ** Fixed with NVinject 0.1.3 for LEO ONLY - Now get Full Res. Onboard Ehternet BC57XX- not working. Hope this help ya.
  3. Wish I would have stumbled on the post a little sooner for ya. Glad to hear you have got it working though.
  4. Hi. Not sure if you are using this software from Griffin or have already tried this. It's called Proxi. You can get what they call a "blueprint" for Frontrow. I think it may be included with the SW. It works on Leo. I use it. Hope this helps.
  5. Itunes Authorization in 10.4.8 and 9

    Thank you!! It worked for me. 10.4.10 - iTunes 7.4.2
  6. Reinstall OS X MBR

    Depending on the error you are receiving, if any, this might be helpful. Although I cant be sure. Before reinstalling it might be worth a try. I myself have used Acronis to set the OS X Partition (Shag OS) to Active (0xAF). http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...1339&st=405 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=6351 Hope it helps.
  7. About This Mac Screenshots

    Just updated today! Here is mine fellas:
  8. I think you should try it. I had the same install from JaS on my Dell XPS GEN2 M170 and just did the KoolKal Update. It was successful. Machine is now 10.4.9. FYI: I selected the SSE2 Universal Kernel and related divers based on my hardware. Upgrade was smooth.Another point. Before upgading, I created a disk image of my current working 10.4.8 install using Bombich's "NetRestore". Google it. It will make an exact copy of your current OSx86 install in ASR DMG format. If your upgrade fails you can then boot to the JaS CD, get ino Disk Utility and restore tht DMG you created onto the original partition it came from. I have done this countless times during testing. It works well. I hope this helps. It's all part of the great experiment . Good luck. URD By the way, thank you KoolKal. Upgrading was smooth as glass. Thanks to all that contributed to the update, and to this entire forum for that matter. All of the hard work is appreciate. Upgraded from JaS 10.4.8 on my Dell XPS GEN2 M170.Thank you!URD
  9. This Site!

    I agree. I wanted to extend a sincere thank you to all have provided so much helpful information. With the help of many posts on this site, I was able to successfully complete my 1st attempt at installing osx86 on my Dell M170. Thank you all very much. Keep up the great work. Thanks Again. URD Im not too old to learn. DellXPS M170 OSx86 - JaS 10.48 Beta 2 -Triple Boot- OSx86, Vista, Ubuntu Feisty.