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  1. G5 // Legacy

    I'm stuck at work so I cna't see the pics but I'll take a look at it tonight, thanks for sharing that. EDIT: Took a look and that backplate is very very sexy. The holes are enough that it blends with the original design of the G5. So I'm guessing with just a few holes like that there wouldn't be any problem with warping while laser cutting? This week ends my 5 weeks from Gehenna so expect actual progress now. I'm going to start fabricating the pieces I do have final designs for, the PSU holder, middle shelf, and start working on a top shelf.
  2. G5 // Legacy

    Gotcha. Have you tried a completely flush backplate? I've been told the aluminum is .05" thick and that is a readily available thickness. Just curious if you or anyone has tried to make a completely flush backplate and how it went. With the cost of producing new mesh, it would be cheaper to buy a second G5 and "donate" its mesh to the main G5. If you get a second one that works you could easily recoup the cost of it by parting out the things you don't need. I happen to have a second one. Hmmm.....
  3. G5 // Legacy

    sadly no, water jet is to $$ due to all the starting and stopping. Laser cutting would cause warping due to all the 3mm holes cut in close proximity. I'm contacting a second water jet company in town to get another quote. Talking this over with the guy on [H]ardForums, most likely when apple made the G5 they used punches for the holes. Punches are cheap for large production but setup cost would be at least $200.
  4. G5 // Legacy

    If the pattern is close but not an exact fit how would you go about making it blend with the original parts of the back? I'm attaching an image to this post which shows why I'm designing the backplate how I am. I have a UD5h motherboard and my power supply is mounted where the HDDs were. Because of this the motherboard sits lower than mods that place the PSU in the original PSU enclosure. I've marked the two areas where the IO ports would be and the three PCI slots that match up with the bottom three expansion slots of the G5. In the end I plan on making a few variants of this and one would conform to ATX standards for those that want to place the PSU on the bottom.
  5. G5 // Legacy

    Got my first quote back! $115 for backplate_rev2. Got my second quote back! $215! Well I am waiting to hear back from a few others including the guy over at [H]ardforums. We'll see.
  6. G5 // Legacy

    Good thing I'm too stubborn for my own good. I emailed around ten CNC / Laser cutting local places last night with the template, asking for quotes and if they couldn't do it who would they recommend. Sheriff, who originally made the template, cut his out on a CNC machine so I'm not totally buying the "CNC would be too much vibration" line. The first shop I talked to just didn't want to drill that many holes with their CNC machine. Vibrations weren't the issue. Another option, I think instead of recreating the backplate it might be possible to cut out bits of the back and graft them into place, then graft in a few custom made pieces. So for instance instead of making the fan section, cut it out and move it left. Take the part you cut out to make room for the fans moving left and graft that in to the right of the fans, filling in the gap between the fans and where the rear IO port section would go. You could cut out a custom piece for the rear IO port section. You might need a small 3"x3" section of perforated aluminum made. I'll play around with it more over the week. Here's a rough idea of what it would look like (attached). Also, been thinking about taking the front CPU fans, cutting out the fan part, leaving just the facade, and turning it into a cover to mask a HD bay. That mean the HDs would have cool air pulling by them thanks to the two 92mms in the back, and I don't think they would make enough heat to negatively effect the CPU if they sat somewhere in front of it. btw - if you want a dirt cheap but nice camera kit - get a Lumix G3 and a Hexanon 50mm 1.4 lens. All in all should cost you around $380 if you buy the camera without the stock lens and with the Hexanon and needed adapter or $480 with the kit lens, Hexanon and Hexanon adapter.
  7. G5 // Legacy

    Don't get my hopes up. I thought the hard part would be making a template for the backplate that matches up perfectly. I didn't think the hard part would be finding a way to cut said template out. I've been talking to David from the LaserHive and laser cutting the aluminum would cause warping due to heat build up from cutting so many holes so close together. I've started looking into drill presses so I can do this by hand but that is not ideal. There's got to be something I'm missing. I'm going to contact more CNC places, maybe someone around my town can stably cut thin aluminum. I've also contact a guy from the Hard Forums who has a plasma cutter and offered to cut stuff for me. The really frustrating aspect is my goal of a backpanel that anyone can download the template for and then have it cut out is looking less likely to happen simply because the cutting out would be $$ or hard to find someone who could do it.
  8. G5 // Legacy

    So, another dead end but I am learning. According to the local tech college - cnc cutting the backplate would not be a good idea because the thin metal would vibrate too much and programming time would be too long for a one-off piece. They did recommend me to a laser cutting place as that is supposedly the best way to cut a piece like this. Also, holes smaller than 1/8" are not really round with a laser cutter and you have flash burrs when cutting aluminum since it is so reflective.
  9. G5 // Legacy

    !!! awesome !!! thanks in advance.
  10. G5 // Legacy

    So I tweaked the back cover to have less holes and cover less area. I need some advice from those that have cut backplates. The expansion slot area - it seems the facade is glued or welded to the back of the case? If that is so, my current plan is to cut right below where the expansion slot begins and remove the perforated aluminum there. How well do you think that would work? In case that is not clear I've attached the template with red areas showing where the expansion slot and latch would go, you can see how close it runs to it. Oh and the three larger holes in the area above the rear IO area is a place where I'm thinking about attaching two wifi and one bluetooth antenna. Company move is on final week. I promise this mod is going somewhere! Just very slowly and very cautiously. There probably will never be another G5 mod by me so I want to get this one perfect so I can use the case for many years to come.
  11. Graphite G4 Replacement Grill Ideas

    I'm very interested in the best way to have parts cut out, working on a few parts myself. When you say machined do you mean CNC cut or on a lathe of some kind? I'm trying to find out what the best end product to cost ratio is. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Graphite G4 Replacement Grill Ideas

    So wait, this is from 2010, talk about perseverance! btw that new front is very inspiring, nice design. Seems like you had some problems at first when you had it plasma cut? Is plasma cutting of steel not that accurate?
  13. [worklog] Darkmac Pro

    I love white LEDS, very classy and let's be honest, it's how apple would do it if they lit their cases. Good idea to put the LEDs hidden by the lip of the door area. It look like you might have enough space at the bottom of the case to do a glowing panel a la murder mod. At least for most of the flooring.
  14. G5 // Legacy

    When you open the files you may have to tell it what the scale is. In this case, 1 unit = 1 mm