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  1. I finally got 10.10 installed. Once I get post installation I'll try to post up a guide. I used an unmetionable usb install so the guide might be lacking in some areas?
  2. Same here with usb installer. I tried also installing from hard drive and got still waiting for root device. How did you go about installing please.
  3. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    That did the trick!! Thank you!!!! :thumbsup_anim:
  4. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    I installed the files provided. I did not run the patch. How do I inject AAPl,kg-platform-id through org.chameleon.boot.plist? I am definitely not doing that.
  5. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Thanks Lejenk. I am using chameleon and this worked, except that the HD4000 now only shows 384 MB of VRAM. I am hoping that is the error you found.
  6. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    I have 3630 wish it worked with it
  7. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    @lejenk, so you have 3610? you applied the mod to a14?
  8. HP M8430F Lan/Internet

    Try the newest Realtek drivers here. And this IONetworkingFamily.kext here.
  9. Realtek RTL8168C - SELF ASSIGNED IP

    I have same NIC and had same issue. I installed the latest Drivers from the Realtek site and also installed IONetworkingFamily.kext from iDeneb 10.5.6 combo update and it fixed my issues.
  10. iATKOS v7 Crash @ Leaopard Setup (After Installation)

    After you repair Windows 7 installation, install Easy BCD on Win 7 and you can add you Leopard to the bootloader. Not sure about your screen issues. Looks like you need to find the correct custom drivers to install.
  11. [How-To] Dell Inspiron B130 Guide

    Thank you, I was able to get my sound working on my inspiron b120 using your method.
  12. Happy 4th of July

    Live Free or Die!!!!! Happy Independence Day to all Americans!!!!
  13. Security researchers reported last week that they've spotted a Mac Trojan horse in the wild that could compromise machines running Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. SecureMac, a Mac-specific anti-virus vendor, posted an alert last Thursday that its researchers had found a Trojan horse, dubbed "AppleScript.THT," being distributed from a hacker-operated site where discussions of spreading the malware via iChat, Apple's instant messaging and video chat software, were also taking place. The company classified the threat posed by the Trojan as "critical." The malware exploits a recently publicized vulnerability in the Apple Remote Desktop Agent (ARDAgent), part of Tiger's and Leopard's Remote Management component. Composed as a compiled AppleScript, or in another variant, script bundled into an application, the Trojan leverages the ARDAgent bug to gain full control of the victimized Mac. "[it] allows a malicious user complete remote access to the system, can transmit system and user passwords, and can avoid detection by opening ports in the firewall and turning off system logging," claimed SecureMac. "Additionally, the Trojan can log keystrokes, take pictures with the built-in Apple iSight camera, take screenshots, and turn on file sharing." SecureMac's warning came one day after an anonymous reader disclosed a few details of the ARDAgent vulnerability on Slashdot.org, and on the same day that rival security vendor Intego provided more information about the bug. Malicious AppleScript, said Intego, can call ARDAgent, which then gives that script full "root" access to the system. Like any Trojan horse, AppleScript.THT does not spread on its own but relies on user interaction, such as downloading and launching, to infect a machine. Trojans can also be silently introduced on a computer if it's injected after a successful attack using another vulnerability, such as a browser bug. Source: Computer World