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  1. Guide for Acer Aspire 3830T-6417

    Yes but which wifi card do u have?
  2. Guide for Acer Aspire 3830T-6417

    Nice..which wifi card u have and which kext do u use for it? thanks
  3. Guide for Acer Aspire 3830T-6417

    To install SL i also used USB but not the exact same way coz my external DVD rom didnt read my retail SL dvd and i didnt have a mac or access to a hackintosh so what i did is a long process but it works. In a windows machine i extracted (ripped) the install dvd using clone cd and saved it as OSX.iso. Then with transmac i formatted a 16gig USB thumb drive with this iso image. now i have SL on the USB. Then i connected the usb to the laptop and booted with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] cd( using external dvd) , [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] showed the usb as MAC oS install dvd and from there i continued.... for me i connected DVD rom to USB3 and mouse on other USB and USB thumb drive in the third usb port.
  4. nForce LAN driver

    Working ...... well i finally got it to work , tested on SL and Lion , heres what i did: To begin with i used the 0.64.5 version coz the latest version .64.6 caused KP as mentioned by other users.. the NIC uses by default nvenet.kext which is found in S/L/E in IONetworking kext...so all i did is open that IONetworking kext and removed nvenet.kext from it (removing the entire IONetworking caused freezes during booting) . then i ran the installer and installed nforce kext the i just ran system utilties in [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] so that i rebuild caches etc etc. Rebooted and it was working! Hope this helps.
  5. Guide for Acer Aspire 3830T-6417

    this guide is so useful it should be a sticky thank you. i have things to add,,,many of the laptops use hard drives that do not allow either chameleon or chimera to boot (4k or something weird like that) so the best way is to take the hdd out of the laptop and connect it as a usb hdd. Now one more thing..kyle boot file is used to replace the original boot file that the bootloader installs(chameleon/chimera) so the kyle'c boot file has to be renamed to boot and the .txt must also be removed, thats done in mac os by right clicking on the file then show info then name and file extension, change name and check the hide extension box and save. terminal command for remove ir rm filename and to copy is cp filename (for details google how to install chameleon manually) one more thing,,,i have succeeded in installing Lion and boots well with chimera1.5.. but the only reason for me to go back to Snow Leopard is the fact that wireless didnt work on Lion for some reason? maybe u have an idea?) Sleep etc is no go still,,although im new to this and need to do more research. Thanks once more for the guide.
  6. Can't boot

    No i havent, but i installed mac osx 10.6.3 on an external HDD today and then i installed chimera on that same HDD, which has only ONE partition called snow, i changed the boot sequence in my bios to start from the usb hdd. Now when i start the pc i do get the boot0 error msg for less than a second then i go to chimera menu, there i see the usb hdd snow partition, i press enter and i get two partiitions to choose from, the usb hdd partition snow (again) and SL, SL is installed on the laptops internal hdd and i can boot both HDD!! any clue? Is it the HDD or something else? I repeat the pc is only 3 months old. BTW my internal HDD is WDC Scorpio Blue, WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1.
  7. Can't boot

    thank you but making a partition active is one of the first things ive did. I keep hearing that my problem isnt unique when it comes to sandy bridge laptops.
  8. Can't boot

    yes it simplt didnt work with MBR, never the less..still no go..apparently i need to change hdd
  9. Can't boot

    hmm ok they always said to use GUID, and i dont have any windows installed at the moment? has anyone else used MBR??
  10. Can't boot

    thanks but as i posted earlier i have made a clean install (about 20 times now) and i have tried to install chameleon both using installer and manually, as i have written before. I partitioned my HDD to just ONE partition and that didnt help either..... I even tried to dual boot with win7 but ive learned that it wouldnt work if a mac bootloader doesnt,, i used easybcd , i could boot to windows 7 but when i boot mac os x i get the chameleon boot loader but it either shows just my windows partition or when it showed snow leopard the system froze when i pressed any key. can it be a HDD problem? i mean the laptop is fairly new and the HDD is 500Gig.
  11. Can't boot

    ok i followed this howto but didnt move the kexts coz i dont know what to choose and i booted it using the usb i created, now it shows snow leopard but when i click it i get an error ca'nt find mach_kernel and goes back to the snow leoparf menu.
  12. Can't boot

    No i havent, have u got a link to howto?
  13. Can't boot

    no one?
  14. Can't boot

    No luck ther either. Now i get : boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error Any other ideas?
  15. Can't boot

    thanks, i was hoping for something shorter than this but ill try that method and will get back to you, thx.