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    GMA 945, vertical lines?

    If anyone with the same problem finds this thread, then know this: The resolution is wrong and therefore it cannot be shown on the internal screen. To solve this I booted with an external screen connected (make sure it is activated in BIOS) and then I spent some time trying to drag the system preferences to the other screen so that I could see what I was doing and then I changed the resolution. But as it won't remember the settings the next time you boot you have to solve this by doing either of the following. 1) edit you boot.plist or 2) fix a driver for your display. I will try to write a guide on how to install OSX on a CF-19 (with a lot more details) in the future so if you search the web you might be able to find it. (Also feel free to contact me by PMs.)
  2. Mr.Tough

    GMA 945, vertical lines?

    Does anyone have any tips? I have tried some more reinstallations with other options, but the result is the same. These were the options that I enabled the last time, I have mostly played around with the graphics and tested different ways: Bootloader: Chameleon RC4 Options: Graphics Enabler RTC (32-bit) Sleep Enabler AHCI SATA Intel SATA / IDE Sound: Voodo PS/2: Apple Graphics: EFI-string The weird thing is that everything works perfect that one time after each new installation. Any tips would be appreciated! Below is a picture of the screen problem, at the second boot...
  3. Mr.Tough

    GMA 945, vertical lines?

    Hello, My guess is that my problem is connected to the graphic drivers, but I am a bit unsure so feel free to move this post if the problem lies elsewhere. Anyway, I have struggled with the installation of iAtkos s3 v2 the whole day. (I have reinstalled it four times now...) After the installation the computer boots up just fine, I reach Snow Leopard and it works fine with all the drivers and so. The only problem is that when I choose to shut down the computer or restart it, it never boots to SL again, instead my screen is filled with vertical colored lines and nothing happens. (they come up right after the apple and the spinning circle.). The problem remains the same even if I try to boot it in safe mode. The computer is a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 mk1, and it has a GMA 945 card in it. Thanks in advance!