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  1. Just wanted to add... Made a backup of my drive last night and decided to do a totally fresh install. Now have everything seemingly working 100% including onboard sound. That is truly the easiest guide I've ever used, especially with the 1-click installers. 10.6.4 seems pretty rock solid and haven't had a single crash or issue. I'm loving it@!
  2. I'm thinking of trying again on a fresh partition so I can get onboard sound fully functional....
  3. Just wanted to add, I played around with a few things trying to get my onboard audio working and screwed up my system...It wouldnt boot at all.. kernal panic, after kernal. I was able to go back to steps 1-4 and install snow leopard 10.6 again.... And again, all my files and everything in tact from my old 10.5.6 install.... working solid. Still no onboard audio......Using a usb audio thingamabobber works perfectly. Right now running 10.6.4 and all aplicable software updates. Time Machine seems to be working. Sleep seems to be working.
  4. Thanks to thepiecesfit for this guide...and weaksauce for telling me about thepiecesfit.. :-) I used this to upgrade from 10.5.6 to 10.6.4 I thought I was doing a clean install and accidentally just upgraded.. Was surprised when I saw OSX boot up with my old material and everything in tact. Have a few issues with sound and BIOS kept resetting over and over and over again... Otherwise, it's perfect. Thanks again!
  5. There is a fix somewhere on this site. You don;'t need to reinstall and downgrade. I just cant find it right now...... You have to use an older version of quicktime and pacifist and replace 2 files..then you'll be good to go.
  6. I've upgraded and got the sound working again but things are choppy.. mouse movements for example... chpoppy.
  7. Just updated my boot 132 giga to 10.5.6 and all seems well except one thing, I've lost all sound? Not sure what's going on? Have re-installed Taruga twice now...
  8. I have been beta testing Weaksauce's upcoming release. All I can say is WOW. Just WOW. You're all in for a treat!
  9. Lately I've been having issues with CD's/DVD's and toast. Nothing wants to eject.. Toast freezes up when I try and start it.. Not sure.. It's a liteon dvd/rw.. been good for a while... then lately just acting funny.. Any tips?
  10. Just wanted to note my machine is running like a champ. I had severe crashes for a while and then I unhooked a 300GB ATA drive hooked up via IDE., It seems there is some issues with IDE. Using all SATA I'm running like a champ now. It also seems to be the IDE HD and connection not nessarily the IDE on the mobo since I;'m using a ide-sata converter to connect a 5th drive.
  11. So everything has been running smooth since I unplugged the extra IDE drive but now I'm having a new issue. Whenever I call on a file attachment from a webpage its freezing up the browser and giving me the beachball of death. Any time I try and attach a file in either Firefox or Safari and I hit "Choose File" I'm freezing up. Any ideas?
  12. display distorted after sleep (7300GT 256MB)

    I have this same problem with a evga 7300gt. I'm dumping this card and moving on.
  13. You mean just seated properly when you say proper slot? Well the plot thickens for me. I opened my case and pulled out two things of ram. I rebooted and tried unzipped. Crashed again. Then I tried unplugging a 300GB IDE drive. While doing this I noticed that one of my other drives (500GB SATA) cable was not in all the way (keep in mind I've been using the drive during the crashing) Anyways, now running about an hour without a crash and I unzipped the file fine. So now to figure out if it was the IDE drive or the half cable or the ram.
  14. Lots of issues for me here 1) Still have garbled text on wake from sleep. Ordered new video card. This was the same issue for my bad axe setup 2) System crashes everytime I try to unzip a big file. 500-1gb or more. Crashes EVERY TIME. 3) VMWare will no longer boot? Not sure why. XP Hangs even in safe mode. Was working. 4) System has crashed at least 10-15 times today. Not sure what to think here. Continually chatting with weaksauce and hoping a new video card will solve some issues.
  15. Actually 5 of us LOL I bought two gigbytes, replaced a BA2 and am building another. Really starting to get the HTPC itch.