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  1. Facetime

    Yeah that problem is it will not login how do I use Chamelon to fix the problem
  2. Facetime

    Hello anyone have facetime working on LION hackintosh ? and if so which web cam are you using?
  3. I can boot from the boot partition and get to terminal mode I just to edit the apple.com.pls file
  4. I installed Chamelon 2.0 RC now Lion will not boot up how do I edit apple.com.pls in terminal mode? or replace it with my back up copy if I not am unable to boot up? And how do I unistall or disable Chamelon 2.0Rc ... from terminal mode? thanks for any help
  5. 10.7.2

    They are not putting out 10.7.1 they by pass that and when straight to 10.7.2
  6. 10.7.2

    Hello where can i download it from?
  7. 64/32 bit

    Really well I just read that but I know for sure you can edit com.apple.plist so it will boot up in 32 bit mode
  8. 64/32 bit

    yes just hold the 3 2 key down while booting, There is a 32 bit version of CS5 and a 64 bit version, I never SAID IT WAS NO such thing a 64 bit version of CS5 I said the version I have is 32 geez.
  9. 64/32 bit

    No but like Moderator said it is a Hybrid what you are looking at what is it booting up in not what the application are running in, do this go to Apple/About this Mac/More Info/Software/Applications and to the right you will see 64-bit click on one that is 64 bit and look at the bottom of the screen and you will see it is running off the 64-Bit. Unlike the windows 64 bit software everything is running 64 so if you install a 32 bit application it will NOT WORK. We have the best in both worlds can load a 32 bit program and run it with no problem. I am surprise to see the version of Photo shop C5 I have is running in 32 bit, but VLC A FREE program is running is 64 go figure.
  10. 64/32 bit

    Thanks and that is good to know, now if I could just get my Java to work right...
  11. GM Vs Lion

    Does anyone know is there any difference between GM and Lion ? I already have the GM version install and before I paid 29.00 I would like to know, and how to you upgrade to Lion from the GM version?
  12. Java Crashes on Youtube

    Sucessfully installed Lion 10.7 everything works fine except a few software issuses, if I go to Youtube and click on a video using safari, it will not load? I have try it will fire fox and it will crash. (Says plugin has crashed) If I try using Joinme.com I can see the other person computer but they CAN NOT see my desktop using Fire Fox or safari. I have download the lastest Java and flashed 10.3 uninstalled and reinstalled but the same thing any help on this matter would be great.