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  1. I see your version is 10.6.1 im now 10.6.5 how did you get around iusbcam's no support for 10.6x
  2. macphreak4evr

    EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    Stell, this worked perfect for my setup thank you so much for your hard efforts! AWESOME!!
  3. MAN THIS WORKED GREAT!!! I tried editing the plist, but I was using textedit and must have screwed it up, but after downloading the file and plopping it into the same location it worked great!!! Skype , Ichat, Everything!!! AWESOME!!! oh im on a 10.5.6 hackintosh (HPD530)the camera is a lifecam VX-6000 thank you so much!!!
  4. macphreak4evr

    SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio

    <br /><br /><br /> Ditto, ive been on the hunt too, seems that no one ever hackintoshed the 7800s
  5. macphreak4evr

    DC7800 & 8600GT 99% there! Help.

    yes, you said azailian audio on the 10.5.2 disk but that is for the 7700, what about the 7800...I have it running also all fine except ethernet and sound, it has a Geforce7200 and works fine with Nvkush 256m, just audio, I can do lan on a old 3com card or Broadcom that works in my other rig. Ive tried AC97 and Azailia, nothing, even tried from the Kalyway 10.5.2 disk, same thing, nothing the audio from hp reports a ADI1884 codec
  6. macphreak4evr

    10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    my ethernet driver worked on the 10.5.6 install of Ideneb, however its mac address is all 0's but it works! I selected the broadcom 57xx one I am currently attempting to do a retail install, I have real macs so I have a legit dvd of 10.5.6 i am trying the boot123 as i dont want to buy a efix module, has anyone managed to get the HPD530 to have a retail install, it just boots to the apple logo and craps out. here are the options i chose for ideneb 10.5.6 Options used: - Kernel Voodoo - Chipset: JMicron & ICHx - Sound: AD 1981 & AC’97 - Network: ethernet AppleBCM5751Ethernet - Fixes: Seatbelt & EHCI USB Sleep Enabler native graphics working with an edit, so I added to the com.apple.Boot.plist in order to get the native monitor resolution < key >Graphics Mode < / key > < string >1280×1024x32@60< / string > all works well, sound video Everything. (no QE but it works good enough) update: installed Nvidia 7600GT AGP8x 256m and chose NVKush and works great, full support
  7. macphreak4evr

    10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    what about the internal built in Intel Video, every time I try to load a kext it screws the machine up and I need to use a time machine boot to restore it. I had to go through a bunch of {censored} to get that to work too, the default ethernet did not work, so EN0 was without a mac address, well time machine needs EN0 to work, so I swapped en0/EN1 by editing the preferences.plist and walah the install went well though , now If I can just get the onboard video working besides a 1024x768@60hz without adding an aftermarket card that would be sweet, I do have another one at home that has a XFX Nvidia 7600GT and that works great, but this internal card sucks, or does it even work at all besides base video?
  8. macphreak4evr

    10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    Thank you so much! it made my D530 CMT tower work great! I used the ideneb 10.5.5, I have no sound but it works though... any idea on which sound you chose? I chose AC97 and the ADI 988x but the D530 has a ADI soundmax, sometimes it just worked on a default install of the older 10.5 and 10.5.1 but since 10.5.4 nothing. any ideas???? UPDATE!!! Figured sound out! the sound is not avail because I had the internal front panel disconnected, it kept giving me a USB overcurrent notification so I unplugged it, this also disabled the sound, so Nevermind , its working !!! time machine too!!! wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooo!