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  1. Promethe

    Leopard Beta

    What I want to say is that the features (from the top to the bottom) are completely awesome, mostly well written and really well thought and planned. The only problem is that they are not yet Ready To Manufacture. So, it's like Guinness from the bottle - it's still bloody awesome, but if you can wait those 119.5 second to get the tapped one - I'd go for the tapped one.
  2. Promethe

    Leopard Beta

    Mates, I could simply beat most of you in just one request for the OiNK invite - I own 2 simultaneous, corporate, frame relay connections, 50 mbit/s each (up and down). I'm a developer. I have the beta. It's bloody awesome. It's apparently not watermarked. But what's the point in sharing it? It's full of bugs. It's not working properly with a lot of the hardware. It'll spoil and ruin your beautiful experience with Leopard. Do you really wanna do this? I'm just asking you honestly. Enjoy the first mouse hoover over the beautiful, reflective Dock in October and just calm down. If I wouldn't be a dev and wouldn't have to prepare my software for shipping before the Leppy's release, I would never install it on my MPs and MBPs. I can tell you, it's awesome and it's really, really worth waiting.
  3. Promethe

    Leopard on my Macbook pro

    Mainly the hardware problems. Apple has quite a set platform, with a very limited number of possible, official changes (and DIYs are not supported), while MS has to support trillions of possible hardware combinations as well. As simple as that - Apple's work is easier, they just have to make jut one, well-fitting suit. MS has to prepare a whole-year collection of clothes for every imaginable activity.
  4. Parallels is very, very fast. But not on your tiny, little, beige boxes. You need to get a processor with Vanderpool (virtualization) technology, to use all goodies, that Parallels brings. And when you ran it on iMac or MacBook (and probably on any Core Duo, and 8xx/9xx Pentium D processor with VT) it pretty damn fast. And it works truly awesome!
  5. After pressing Command+Esc my system momentairly hangs up - with Gray Screen of Death. And there isn't any information about kernel panic in logs. I assume, that is somehow connected with my mouse... Could you post the same driver for keyboard (for example for Apple Wireless Keyboard)? However, great work, thank you!
  6. Promethe

    Who actually still uses PearPC

    Any progress with Classic? I would like to see old Mac OS and play with a few old programs
  7. Promethe

    Benchmarking Altivec Emulation

    So... Pentium D 820 (2x 2.8 GHz) 4343.3 MFlops in circa 3 seconds.
  8. Promethe

    [PL] localization for 10.4.1

    Osobi?cie Ci powiem tak... Taka robota jest trudna, ?mudna i (niestety) t?piona przez SAD. Ju? raz próbowano robi? niezale?ne t?umaczenie - do 10.3.8 - wyparowa?o ze strony twórców po kilku dniach. Poza tym - materia?u do t?umaczenia jest mnóstwo (albo jeszcze wi?cej...).
  9. Promethe

    SheepShaver & Basilisk II

    Isn't that PPC version?
  10. Promethe

    Application compatibility in general..

    You can't download SheepShaver anymore...
  11. Promethe

    SheepShaver & Basilisk II

    Hi, How with progress on SS & Basilisk? Can we suppouse updates?
  12. Promethe

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Which program you used to display CD covers on-desktop and change system icons?
  13. Promethe

    945G Chipset working

    Here you go with kextstat...
  14. Promethe

    945G Chipset working

    I've just made Xbench test... Results are stunning. On 10.4.1 and 10.4.1->3 I've got circa 70 point (max). On 10.4.3 I've got... 120 points... I think then it's nice result. It makes my machine (and it's got D820 processor, not D860) almost as fast as Quad PowerMac G5 @ 2.50 or faster than PowerMac with Dual G5 @ 2.70 GHz