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  1. i never tried kakewalk, or 10.7 yet.. but along time ago I tried on another system the whole booting from ext usb think just expect anything from usb to be very slow, but usually youtube has a lot of little walk throughs for the usb stuff as for a update on it sleep issues, if you tell it to sleep it will completely sleep only when the lid is closed i guess its some kind of sensor in the lid preventing it, go figure. if you are looking for any hardware recommendations at one time if not still the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method supposedly runs well for sse3 compatible processors, of course its best to ensure the rest of the hardware is compatible, especially in a laptop as only a few ever made had replaceable video cards, and the majority doesnt. I feel a little out of touch on all this stuff now, since I used this, Ive bought a macbook and imac my apple experience has been a interesting one. the macbook i bought at a bestbuy, it was always overheating from day one geek squad commented they all run really hot, so i starting to figure it was just sensitive to being left on the bed like some of sony vaios. I bought a cooling mat and the problems mostly went away. 6 months later i was ripping some dvds and in 30 minutes it would overheat on the mat, so i pried it open and a few dozen screws later I found a block of foam from the factory glued in the fan housing blocking the fans movement. i took a few photos and emailed them to apple and got no response. next time I buy hardware it might be a pc, its so much easier to upgrade a pc then any mac, im just glad to see the macbook was easier then the g3 ibook. with steve jobs now gone it seems like the new ceo is working on improving hardware quality, I've seen a couple recalls/replacements lately on was affected macbook chargers the other was 1st gen ipod nano. i'll wait and see the apple forums after a few more product releases. under steve jobs several thousand customer experienced issues that apple failed to help fix. how long did it take for them to agree to fix the iphone 4s signal issues. I still have the c500 running it works very well my current os uptime is 30 days without restarting or turning off last restart was for some travel. the age is starting to hit my c500, the battery only gets me like 30 minutes almost a yr ago i replaced the lcd and a larger harddrive so i might upgrade the original battery.
  2. it isnt hard but it can be a pain in the butt, especially if it is smt
  3. I have 1.5 gigs of ram in mine and it runs smooth enough to play a youtube video at a low resolution as the only app running.. ram is just going to mostly affect the speed of your system.. I dont remeber the specs on the max ram for the older c500's but when you figure that out id suggest you max it out, i'm guessing it most likely 2gb, i dont think the older ones support 4gb.. and i'm not aware of a kit for this one.. as for the booting from flash drive thing if i remember correctly it wasnt supported in my bios.. you may want to ensure you have the latest bios updates from compaq, I'm running the original bios firmware.. personally i dont like updating the bios, i've bricked a brand new motherboard by accident.. but its possible a newer version would support flash drive booting.. if you are just trying to test it out you can find a tiny old laptop hardrive on ebay for cheap just get at least a 20gb drive good luck
  4. I know this doesn't exactly apply to osx86.. I acquired a working g4 1ghz emac with keyboard for 50$ at my local recycler.. I'm looking into boasting it up a little bit.. Its getting its ram maxed out at 1 gb, dont laugh... and im looking to replace the harddrive with a high performance low capacity drive.. I'm looking for the fastest drive, seems like ssd fits this well.. this emac is equipped with firewire 400, and ata100 from what I understand firewire has a faster transfer rate than ata 100... would a ssd drive be fast enough to use the extra bandwidth that firewire has to offer? reliability of firewire? I've yet to use a firewire drive, I know I have had 5 external usb drives. on occasion during accidental disconnects Ive lost 3 usb to ata controllers, even though the drives themselves are working fine as internal drives. is firewire external enclosures plagued to simliar issues as their usb counter parts before I hear the trash comments.. I know they are coming, I'm mostly looking to use this as for a screen sharing client and maybe for a tiny amount of xgrid work.. I have faster hardware for more cpu intensive tasks... I'm just looking to use my emachine less as it heats up a whole room 10 degrees in 30 minutes, while this g4 can run all day with out any noticeable temperature increase of the room
  5. Backlighted keyboard mod..

    those might be my best option yet compared to what others have used.. I'm going to buy a spare keyboard to mess with as this mod will take some time, and I need to further disassemble the keyboard then it was designed for a repair tech to do. The keyboard stock, doesn't register a key press till the bottom of the key is snug to the surface under the key leaving not much room for other options.. Im thinking fiber optics, and searching for areas I can drill through to add light right under the keys... Thanks for the advice, I'm going to order a keyboard now off ebay, so I can further evaluate my options when it arrives...
  6. Backlighted keyboard mod..

    I've spent some more time digging into the topic, it seems that keyboards in laptops lack any kind of standard.. so if you have 2 different keyboards with the same pin count and press the same key you may get different results it seems on wire gets 5v and when a key is pressed 2 corresponding pins also get 5v, leaving a microcontroller in the laptop to decode... its signals it seems likely that time with a ohm meter, and programming a 100pin atmel can 100% guarantee a functional conversion.. next time I crack the case open ill check for available space to stash such a monster.. I've also seen reports of just needing to swap some wires around in the ribbon.. I was checking the stock keyboard for room for el wire.. I'm seeing now that it will never fit under the keys... unless i cut the keys with a side affect of more visibility of el wire, or adding some material under the keys causing increased sensitivity of keys, which would be a unwanted side affect
  7. I'm looking to mod a old compaq presario c500 laptop, thats running osx.. I'm working on visualizing what I'd like to do before I start the chopping and painting... but I am having some difficulty visualizing how i'd do a backlit keyboard.. I've seen some examples of mods but they dont seem to have a macbook pro style backlit keyboard in any of the guides i've seen. currently I'm looking to modify it into looking like a macbook/macbook pro.. 1.I Saw this guide for making the apple backlight lcd logo mod that looks good, I'm going to do my own modified version but this seemed to be a decent general guide http://www.devsource360.com/freedownload/f...hackintosh.html 2.I'm also planning on laying down some black paint, I'm thinking the krylon stuff, i've used it on abs plastic in the past it worked very well, to help adquire that macbook look. 3.... for the Backlit Keyboard mod im picturing printing out letters, on stickers and carefully with a dremel and file, removing the letters out. then tape over key surface and flip face down and add a few layers of varnish to fill cut out.. file smooth.. and run some el wire.. under the keys.. and reassemble I looked for aftermarket type items to make this part of the conversion easier but I seem to be lacking and good results.. I know the keyboard uses a 24 pin ribbin cable, Id consider a keyboard swap even if the physical size was different(smaller), worse case I could internally solder into my usb jack.. and suggestions would be good thank you
  8. If anyone feels daring enough to share a kext file of a better working mouse driver(one that adds scrolling support would be great)
  9. I just want to share this somewhere as it took to long for me to get snow leopard on my Compaq C500 Maybe someone else will find this on google or here.. it might work on others with similar hardware like the c300 leave a reply if your hardware worked with this kext file for wifi Installing Hazzard 10.6.6i on a Compaq C500 Warnings: This Worked and was tested on a Compaq Presario C500 1.73ghz processor this device shipped with some different configurations and in general this will work for most. DO NOT USE THIS and close the lid to the computer when on, it will not sleep automatically. To Sleep click sleep in the menu. not Doing so may result in hardware overheating, which isn't good right. What doesn't work: Sleep when lids is closed(only menu driven sleep cmd works) Microphone doesn't work ONLY scrolling portion of trackpad(basic mouse functions work) Apple's 10.6.8 update Instructions: 1. During Startup hit f10 to go into bios 2. Disable sata and also make sure boot order is cd before harddrive f10 to save 3. insert 10.6.6i dvd and let boot this will take about 5 minutes to load up 4.select language, and click arrow 5.goto utilities and disk utility to partition your drive 6.disk utility->quit in the menu when finished 7.click continue 8.clcik agree 9.select partition to install on and hit customize 10.select the following options Select ->Chameleon_Boot_Loaders->Chameleon_RC4 Select ->Chameleon_Boot_Loaders->Bootx86 Select ->Chameleon_Options->EHCIacuire Select ->Chameleon_Options->UHCI_reset Select Kernel Select ->Drivers->Graphic->Intel->GMA950 Select ->Drivers->Sound->VoodooHDA_0.2.7.2 Select ->Drivers->Network->Lan->Realtek->RTL8139 Select ->Drivers->Network->WLan->Broadcomfix Select ->Drivers->Laptop->VoodooBattery Select ->Drivers->Laptop->VoodooPS2trackpad Select ->Patches->NTFS Select ->Patches->usbfix Select Additional_Fonts Select X11 11. Click Ok 12. Click Install 13. wait About 15-20 minutes while installing 14. let the computer reboot and take out dvd 15. Follow the prompts till you get into osx 16.put in a flash drive with google "kext utility 32 bit" and iopcifamily.kext(attached) this one worked for me I found 5 that didn't work. this one was also from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1711895 17.drag kext file onto kext utility in finder 18.enter password into kext utility and let it do its thing till you see it say reboot 19. goto application folder and open disk utility and select the drive partition and click repair disk permissions 20.when that complete reboot 21.goto settings -> network.. and setup your soon to be detected airport card... 22.restart computer 23.enter bios with f10 again 24.re-enable sata and f10 to save.. 25.Enjoy and Please share any kext files that help fix any unresolved issues I really hope this helps someone.. wifi_IOPCIFamily.kext.zip
  10. Wireless on Compaq Presario C500 Laptop

    I got it.. I just fisnished installing , just need to do some minor tweaks to get sata working I hope.. when I'm done i'll share what i did just incase any newbies don't want to spend to much time reinstalling... thanks again wifi works very very well
  11. Wireless on Compaq Presario C500 Laptop

    you wouldn't happen to remember what install options you choose.. I just installed Iatkos s3 v2 and I took me forever to get the right options for the gma950, and shortly after, I broke the display, now i have a new lcd on order.. and am looking at half a screen that works for the moment... attempting to get wifi working again.. I've tried several kext files that are, or are based off of the chun nan fix.. I'm yet to find a working solution... I'm going to try and find hazzard now.. Thanks for sharing