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  1. Dear Zenith432, first of all, many thanks for creating this wonderful patcher for VMware Workstation 8. I tried the windows patcher to patch WKS8 32bit on Win7 32bit, but the patcher did not find the installed product in the registry. Unlocker.cpp Line 367: RegQueryValueEx[2] failed. After creating the additional regkey InstallPath64 pointing to the same InstallPath directory the patcher will work and find the files. Maybe you will adjust your code to handle 32bit systems. For me, vmwarebase.dll was locked and unable to patch (you mentioned it). I close the vmware-tray and execute "net stop vmauthdservice" before and "net start vmauthdservice" after the patch and all things went well. Best regards
  2. Hi! I've edit my post to show the current state of working devices for my Medion MD8820 PC. IDE (100%) no problems SATA (100%) SATA works fine with HowTo from HERE Ethernet (100%) Networking gets connected with THIS Graphic (100%) Graphic looks nice with Quartz Extreme (nothing to configure) USB (100%) USB ist also working (nothing to configure) Sound (100%) To enable sound you need the following Vendor- and DeviceID, collected with Everest on Windows: VIA VT8237A High Definition Audio: 1106-3288 VIA High Definition Audio: 1106-1708 With this information you read THIS post and change <key>IOHDAudioCodecVendorID</key> <string>0x10ec0880</string> to <key>IOHDAudioCodecVendorID</key> <string>0x11063288</string> Check permissions ... reboot ... than you will find "HD Audio Output". If you can hear white noise in one Channel, goto "Programme - Dienstprogramme - Audio-Midi-Konfiguration" and switch the Audio-Output to 2 Channels - 16bit instead of 24bit. Thanks for great forum!!!