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  1. I use this one. Marklar-Tiger.dmg
  2. I use the MxxxxTiger.img,..2.X GB I could use internet....even video and sound works
  3. it works...tx...and thex for the explanation
  4. however, in order to have picture to be able to view in OSX, ppl said we need to set "Run In Rosetta" for the program Preview.. I am using DVD install PM 1.6Ghz
  5. I really have to admit I am an idiot, I spends hours on finding the option or button to "Run In Rosetta" pls help me...I really cant find it. Pls..... I have locare Safai in finder, but right click..no such option
  6. Could you kindly send me the .kext file? Coz once I use the DVD install, i lost it. I forget to back up. PM mabye? Please THX
  7. Hi, let me give you a report on this. 1. Both DD(0.4patch) and DVD install method were tried on Dell 700M and ASUS M5N Notebook 2. I strongly recommended using the DVD install method. Coz your OSX is unbelievabely stable..damn stable..MSN7 never hang, use OSX version of FireFox(Not the intel one), try Macromedia Studio, Opera...all damn stable Adv of DVD install: 1. Damn Stable!!!! 2. Easier to install 3. customize for your needs(partition) ###### Becareful of Disk Utility ####### READ THIS I strongly believe that I know what I were doing when using DU during DVD install. I just want to format a freespace to MAC HFS Format...once I clicked the partition button, demn! after 2 seconds, it said it lost the connection to my hard disk. Finally all partition lost in my HD, leaving a god demn free space with size same as your HD! I repeat, I know what I were doing was right, it;s the DU itself tell me it come across error suddnely(Lost connection to HD), thereby I guess the partition table was corrupted. Anyway, I just install it using the entire drive then(no other option right? DAMN) and I got success. Last TIPS for MSN 5 to install: Once you click the funish button, the spin wheel pointer appears for around 2 - 5 minutes, then the installation finally funish successfully. That's it. Sound is work: Follow the instruction on Page 8 from the TOPIC about <First Generic DVD install> above. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Above is my own experience, it may appear totally DIFFERENT to your machine, so take your OWN RISK !!!!!!!! PS: Could somebody explain to me that why this DVD install is so stable, compare to the DD with 0.4 Patch? THX ^^
  8. Seems to me that the DVD install method is much much better than DD method + 0.4 patch..dont know why.... nothing hang..even MSN 5 work very good...NO HANG, CRASH Worked APP Toaster Marcomedia Studio 2004 MX Office 2004 (w/o service pack) Firefox, MAC OSX PPC Version OPERA...everything TIPS:============================ I dont know whether this is tip, anyway, I use the normal installation method, bypassing the option to enable SSE2 hack or SSE3 patch...then everything works fine.... Why? Any different to the DD method + 0.4 Patch?
  9. I have a fd of mine using SSE 3 CPU....even no patch installed...everything works fine...but my SSE2 Pentium M, even patched with 0.4, still sometimes crash with native PPC application MY question is...is a SSE3 CPU can run PPC application, no crash?