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  1. 3mp3ror

    Snow Leopard on P5Q-E

    thanks guys for all your reply's and ideas I will post my results as soon as I will get my HDD out of serivce. I can't wait
  2. 3mp3ror

    Snow Leopard on P5Q-E

    Hi, thanks for the links. Most of the utilities there are for different scenarios and chances are that you might not need most of them. If you have the nvidia cards you might check or try to remember what drivers you installed with iaktos and try to find equivalent for SL. I have zero experience with nvidia cards. If the options in the bios are set regarding ahci, acpi and s3 resume, the bios is patched and you are using the bootable cd which has chameleon 2 rc3 on it you might be succseful. The bootloader is said to have large disk support. So don't use the older ones. Try to get the bootable cd and see if it installs. Also our specs differ in video card and hd capacity which by itself is another set of variables. To others who also have this board or higher IQ then mine please post your ideas also regarding these issues.
  3. I have been trying to get a full copy of OS X 10.6 since the past couple of days. Here is how I tried to get it working. 1. Use a boot cd from here http://uppit.com/v/P1PS0CLV whitch is from the generic install guide topic 2. Retail copy of SL -BUG/ISSUE- 2.1 after the install I rebooted and loaded up the system with the bootcd it showed after that me the welcome screen and then registration. You have at one point the personal details window for you to enter your details. After that you are asked to put a password for your user. The problem is that by hitting next it says "Creating User Account" but after that nothing. If I go BACK and then NEXT it will skip the set up your user and password and go to the timezone. 2.2 If you DO NOT complete the required fields in the registration and set up your account with your password and THEN click next it will do the same EXCEPT that now you do not have neither the back or next buttons. You have to reset the box. 3. After install, the desktop is showing everything is fine. Except - Video is seen as HD4890 but otherwise works fine - Sound - CPU is seen as 3,8 Ghz - Network(found here) - Sleep - NumLock led is off 4. Ok, now after I know what is missing, I used a PKG file to install chameleon from here 4.1 Issues Chameleon installs fine if you select customize before installing and selecting Chameleon HFS BUT when I did this the extra directory in the / of the system was absent and so was the boot file so where do all the extensions go ? and why did it fail to install a standard version ? By the way do not mix installations (choosing to install standard and then the HFS or vice versa) 4.2 After the HFS instalation of chameleon I tested restart, shutdown, and sleep. Sleep didn't work. 5. Installing Kexts through kext helper: first networking > install > after kext helper finished > restart > pc froze > hard reset > I get this 5.1 it shows improper shutdown but a doing both verify disk or repair disk permissions is useless. and I get this It has been suggested to me to repair disk permissions through the terminal or to make a custom DSDT.aml patch ( I already had the bios patched) I did it anyway and found it was not necessary since there was NOTHING to change. To recap: 1.Snow Leopard Installs fine, except when installing kexts. It does not matter if it's the netowrking kext, or vodoohda. 2. Where are the kexts loaded from if the installer is set to go with Chameleon HFS option ? Likewise the boot file. 3. Why the errors and how can I fix them without needing a bloody reinstall of the os. I ask for anyone that had similar experiences or has this board to post their comments here on how can some of these nuisances be fixed. My specs are on the signature. Thanks
  4. 3mp3ror

    ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    hmm, well the extra direcotry is only when you have chameleon installed as a solution to boot your system. take a look at these http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184766 or http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/chameleon-2...-release-t3989/ after it's install it creates an Extra directory, inside the / partition i belive it is in order to load at boot-time the various hacks (or kext's/drivers - whatever ) needed to run the entire system. that's the way I had it when I used leo and this is the way I set up my system. btw if you want to show all files through terminal you could use defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES in terminal > you need to restart finder
  5. 3mp3ror

    ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    servus, try to get MainMenu it's trial but it will do the job, go to User > Show Finder Invisibles and in the root drive you will find it let me know if works for you since I am still trying to get mine to work. I tried to do it Manni's way of putting the kext's HDAEnabler.kext in System/Library/Extensions/ > through kext helper HDAEnabler.kext and AD2000B.kext in Extra/Extensions/ > manualy but didn't work out. and all I have is this
  6. 3mp3ror

    SL on a Asus P5Q?

    thanks man that did the trick, glad to have it working. - somewhat I managed to install the chameleon rc3 package and now boots without the cd. the only problems that I have right now are - num lock led is off (this was the case also with leo) - sound i have the ADI AD2000B - still trying to find out how to get this one working - my ati hd4870 is seen as 4890 in sys profiler but it works out of the box, and the processor was seen as 3.8 GHz instead of 2,83 but that's fixed now (I don't know how i did it exactly ) - ntfs 3g - i can't write anymore on ntfs partitions although this is more software then the MB itself
  7. 3mp3ror

    SL on a Asus P5Q?

    I want to install SL on a P5Q-E using a retail version of SL and the bootable chameleon CD. So, P5Q-E BIOS ver.2001 patched, ACPI 2 Enabled, AHCI, all drives are SATA / video: hd4870 512mb Firstly I boot with the CD it gives some ebios errors then boots and show the chameleon startup options then I remove the CD put the retail DVD disc in the drive press F5 and boot with -v (i also tried with -v -f and -v -x) after it starts loading the install DVD it stops here any ideas ?
  8. nice guide, I will try it on my p5q-e but first I need to know if you used a retail image or one of those custom made floating around the net. thanks