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  1. @zoltankr what patch-id you've chosen and does it cause sound assertion errors?
  2. I have many EAPDs all of value 0x2 One in the internal speaker, external mic, and the internal mic. Should I write them all and If i didn't write what will be the effect?
  3. Hey guys, first of all thanks for all your efforts I have IDT 92HD87B2/4 and I am close to patching my AppleHDA but there are few things I want to know about. These two ebtries: 00A71CF0 00A71D00 00A71EF0 00A71F40 00F71C50 00F71D00 00F71EF0 00F71F40 Am I safe to remove them? what are these actually? Except those, I am about to finish these are the final verbs. If anyone please tell me If I'm right [10 0x0A] 00A71CF0 00A71D00 00A71EF0 00A71F40 [] [11 0x0B] 00B71C10 00B71D10 00B71E21 00B71F02 [HP Out at Ext Front] [12 0x0C] 00C71C20 00C71D10 00C71EA1 00C71F02 [Mic at Ext Front] [13 0x0D] 00D71C40 00D71D01 00D71E17 00D71F90 [speaker at Int N/A] [15 0x0F] 00F71C50 00F71D00 00F71EF0 00F71F40 [] [17 0x11] 01171C30 01171D01 01171EA0 01171F90 [Mic at Int Top] AppleHDA.zip