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  1. Hi all, How did you manage to change the ID to activate the bluetooth? You have a tutorial?
  2. Niv3k

    Clover General discussion

    Hi everyone, Well I found the solution, it seems a bit radical but is fully functional. I flashed my UEFI BIOS with the same version I was using. Result more input clover ghost in my choice of boot. That is if it can help someone.
  3. Niv3k

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you for the help, I could see how to enable / disable from the menu clover. The entry in question is a holdover from a previous installation when I did my tests and where I forgot to remove the entry from the menu. Result entry is still present on my motherboard.
  4. Niv3k

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you for your help, But it changes nothing. I forgot I have a gygabite h77n-Fi. I post 2 screenshots of my UEFI. On the first screenshot you can see "clover os x boot" options in the boot while I have no device connected except my usb. I would like to remove this entry from my motherboard. Thank you in advance
  5. Niv3k

    Clover General discussion

    hi everybody, Here I have a concern, I got a working installation of 10.8.2 ML with a fusion drive with Clover in bootloader. But then I have a UEFI entry remains constantly even if no device is connected. I want to know how to deleted this entry in my UEFI Clover because the latter does not work. Thank you in advance