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  1. You can try skip kernel cache by using ignoring cache on boot or you can also type before booting: boot: UseKernelCache=No
  2. I use the board UD3 GA-P45T-LR, I assume the board you use has the same BIOS configuration with my board. Try to enter the menu Advanced BIOS Setup and follow my configuration like attached below.
  3. I've tried before, but it still failed. @tseug: Do you have a solution for my issues?
  4. Try to boot with Verbose Mode (with 9800GT card). And also don't forget to add this string: GraphicsEnabler=Y -v
  5. Try to use only one card, I suggest 9800GT.
  6. Because internet connection in my house is very bad, I decided to ask to my friend and I got the file in .dmg. I also have mounting and make clone using Carbon Copy Cloner to the Applications folder. But it still does not work.
  7. Hi tsung, I just followed your guide on installing the Mountian Lion. But I have a problem when attaching OS X Mountain Lion. I moved the install folder on the desktop, I typed: cd Desktop Then I type: sudo install/mkboot /Volumes/Boot/ After that I obtain the failure as shown in the following figure: Did I miss something?