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    AMD Kernel

    Will this kernel work on every version of Lion, or just 10.7.5?
  2. Where can I find a DSDT or guide for enabling audio on the GA-Z77MX-D3H? Google doesn't seem to give any good results. It seems like all of the people with this motherboard end up using VoodooHDA.
  3. TheSmartGuy

    Forum inactivity

    It's great to see the forum taking some action to update the stickies. With that in mind, there are still a lot of old guides that should probably be unstickied. I'll try to list some of them here. Graphics Section http://www.insanelym...870-on-leopard/ <- Too old to be useful for most users. Though the guide technically still works, it probably shouldn't be stickied anymore. http://www.insanelym...king-gma-x3100/ <- Old compatibility thread, same reason as above. http://www.insanelym...cs-needed-here/ <- same reason as above LAN and Wireless Section http://www.insanelym...eless-problems/ <- mostly outdated fixes, and a lot of links in the thread are dead http://www.insanelym...ernet-problems/ <- same as above Besides these two threads, there are a LOT of other old threads stickied in the LAN and Wireless section; there seems to be at least one thread for every popular network solution that has ever been used in the history of the Hackintosh community. Personally, I think that the stickies are too much (most of the information in the threads would be better addressed in the OSX86 Project Wiki), but it's up to the admins of the forum to decide whether they want to keep those other threads. Sound section http://www.insanelym...56-cmedia-8738/ <- CMedia audio is not very relevant to most users anymore, so this probably shouldn't be kept as a sticky http://www.insanelym...1052-and-above/ <- This guide seems to be outdated http://www.insanelym...-audio-working/ <- Same as above. Also, some of the links in the thread are dead. http://www.insanelym...-to-pin-config/ <- The threadstarter isn't updating this thread anymore. SATA/IDE Controllers section http://www.insanelym...d-p-ata-driver/ <- outdated driver thread Other Peripheral Devices http://www.insanelym...20-ehci-driver/ <- outdated driver thread http://www.insanelym...ards-for-tiger/ <- outdated compatibility list (for Tiger, after all) http://www.insanelym...ftware-release/ <- outdated driver thread http://www.insanelym...y-is-shown-now/ <- also outdated (though I'm not totally sure about this one) http://www.insanelym...-users-rejoice/ <- outdated driver thread http://www.insanelym...ked-ps2-driver/ <- same as above http://www.insanelym...uments-pcixx12/ <- same as above In the case of "outdated driver threads", some of these drivers still work; however, they have either been superseded by newer (often pre-patched) versions, or are no longer common used. Either way, I think it would be confusing for new users to receive this kind of conflicting information. As a side note, I think that we should try to limit the number of stickied threads that only apply to Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard, since this information usually can't be considered "mainstream" anymore. Nowadays, most of the people who are still running Leopard on their Hackintosh usually know what they're doing, and don't need to rely on stickies.
  4. TheSmartGuy

    Forum inactivity

    I think that InsanelyMac would be taking a big step forward in retaining new users if we just removed some of the old stickies in the Tutorials section, since I'm pretty sure that's the section that most people go to first. Some of the first 13 stickies in the Tutorials section are actually pretty outdated. For example, this guide was retired by its poster a few years ago, so I don't see much reason to keep it stickied. Same thing goes for this guide, and maybe this one as well. Technically, these guides still "work", but they're not really relevant to the vast majority of newcomers (who I assume are the main readers of the tutorials sections).Ideally, the stickies in the tutorial sections would cover just the very essentials: how to actually install Mountain Lion on your PC, common errors like the boot0 error, etc. Here's a few more threads in other sections that should probably be unstickied, in my opinion: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/20846-best-laptops-with-full-hardware-support-and-acceleration/ <- compatibility list that hasn't been updated in 3-4 years, no longer useful http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/34068-how-to-solutions-for-video-problems/ <- same as above http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/96758-two-graphics-cards/ <- no longer necessary due to new versions of Chameleon http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/274614-multiple-nvidia-card-installation-how-to-efi-strings/ <- same as above http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/266036-guide-edit-applegraphicspowermanagementkext-to-unleash-nvidias-gtx-570580-full-power-and-save-energy-at-the-same-time/ <- no longer necessary due to new drivers/support? (correct me if I'm wrong) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/223244-how-to-cuda-mercury-engine-on-premiere-cs5-snow-leopard/ <- outdated compatibility list This is just a few examples. In fact, a majority of the stickies in some sections (particularly the Hardware Component sections) are outdated. This isn't as big of a deal as extra stickies in the Tutorials section, since the Tutorials section is likely to attract more new users. However, keeping "legacy" guides stickied just makes InsanelyMac look outdated when new people check out this forum.
  5. TheSmartGuy

    Forum inactivity

    I usually just lurk, but I felt like this was something worth addressing. I wouldn't say that InsanelyMac has become inactive, but let's be honest-- it's not as popular as it used to be. I doubt it's just "cyclical", too: As you can see, the "old guard" of the Hackintoshing scene is probably sticking firm and keeping to InsanelyMac, but few new users to Hackintosh are joining this forum-- they're flocking to tony instead. Of course, it's difficult to be self-critical, especially in a forum section mainly populated by forum moderators and administrators. But I think some of the posts from the Hackintosh subreddit on Reddit explain these user's opinions reasonably well: I don't completely agree with these opinions (the prometheus analogy was kind of stupid, and I'm pretty sure tonymacx86 tools ARE proprietary), but these are the actual opinions of the thousands of people who flock to tonymacx86 or Lifehacker or Youtube instead of InsanelyMac. And as much as this forum would like to cater to people who actually know what they're doing, following that mindset will only ensure that InsanelyMac recruits fewer and fewer new users.
  6. After I switch from Hackboot to the Lion installation ISO, the bootup freezes here: launchctl: dubious ownership of file (skipping): /System/Library/LaunchDaemons nothing found to load Why is this happening?
  7. TheSmartGuy

    The Fermi "Freeze" Discussion (Possible solutions?)

    My Hackintosh with a GTX 460 has been crashing every few hours or so, ever since I set it up last week. I've looked through all of the posts in this thread, but so far, it doesn't look like there's any definitive fix (except upgrading to Lion GM lol). So instead, I just hacked together this AppleScript as a workaround. tell application "QuickTime Player" activate open alias "hard drive:Users:username:Desktop:Boot.mov" set visible of window 1 to false set looping of document 1 to true play document 1 end tell Copy this into AppleScript Editor and save it as a .app file. Then, open the System Preferences app, go to "Accounts"->"Login Items", and set the app file to run automatically on login. Basically, this script opens a hidden Quicktime window that infinitely loops any video (in this case 'Boot.mov'). You have to set your own video, and change the fields after the "open alias" line to match the Finder path of your own video. This is the first time I've ever used AppleScript, so please be kind. Seriously, I just Googled all of this in 15 minutes.