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  1. Hi guys. I've bought this laptop and i'm trying to install and boot Snow Leo or Lion. Here's my configuration: CPU: i3-2310M RAM: 4GB DDR3 HDD: Samsung 500GB Video: Intel x3000 and GT 525M When i try to boot with SL a message say that the 525 doesn't be recognized and when i try to boot Lion install cd after the kext loading the computer restart. I've tried all the combination of flag (-x -f -s) but without success. I can say that the monitor in plugged in the x3000 and the gt 525 works only in parallel so i need to get lion with the x3000 without having OS X installed on this computer. I have SL installed on another notebook and if i have to do something OS X operation i can do them on that PC. Pls help me i need OS X working on this laptop! edit: I'm trying with Lion because gt525 isn't supported on SL. The only thing i have to do is patching DSDT but when i go to extract one with win7 or ubuntu gives me a version that i can't compile with the new changes.... I need to follow this guide: HD3000 To make the installer usb i've used this guide. Can anyone make compilable this DSDT in attachment? dsdt.zip