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  1. Enable Sleep On Samsung N130

    After making a backup of working 10.6.3, I installed the netbookinstaller-20100616212351 from meklort then before restarting updated to 10.6.5 and immediately reinstalled netbookinstaller-20100616212351 again before finally restarting. I got a kernel panic so booted in safe mode using recovery=y which booted up ok, ethernet, wifi and audio and sleep stopped working then reinstalled netbookinstaller-20100616212351 and after restart everything working again except sleep installed the dsdt file from deanezra's folder to the /extra folder and now sleep working, so all ok on 10.6.5. Next installed 10.6.7 update and immediately ran netbookinstaller as above, reboot and everything fine, I'l try 10.6.8 see if it works otherwise il stick to 10.6.7 for now
  2. Enable Sleep On Samsung N130

    Thanks for the netbook tools, Did you mean netbookinstaller or netbookbootmaker? I thought they were different At the beginning I patched my snow leopard iso with netbookbootmaker-0.8.4 rc1. Then I have installed netbookinstaller-0.8.4 rc1, I might have to install the netbookinstaller special release from above link then do the 10.6.7 update and it instructs you to reinstall the special release so will have to try that First to backup current working version, will let you know how I get on, thanks
  3. Samsung N130

    Heres my experience on how I got snow leopard 10.6.3 working on my samsung N130 netbook (may be useful to read it a couple of times before trying to do it!) Firstly I bought an original Snow Leopard 10.6.3 retail disk I replaced the hard drive containing windows with a new hard drive just for mac osx see video here on how to open the netbook thanks to Jay: http://adidat.blogspot.com/2009/11/making-...msung-n130.html then I followed Gizmodo's Hackintosh Guide (link on above website) on installing Mac osx on a Dell Mini - works the same on the samsung netbook Note: I used netbookbootmaker 0.8.4 rc1 from the link on Gizmodo (Also downloaded netbookinstaller-0.8.4.rc1 to use later) Once mac osx was installed, ethernet worked out of the box audio, wifi and sleep function was not working touchpad scrolling - I changed settings in system preferences - touchpad to my taste Firstly I installed netbookinstaller-0.8.4 rc1 then worked on the following: wifi I bought a dell 1397 mini wifi card from ebay and installed that worked straight away, see how to open back cover in above link - thanks to Jay sleep this guide http://deanezra.com/?p=367 shows how to install 10.6.5 on samsung n130, unfortunately my ethernet and wifi would not work after update (nor with update to 10.6.7 mentioned by kilyman here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1711737 but thanks to guide posted by Dean above I used the dsdt.aml file from his folder and installed the file in the extra folder (replacing any previous files) I entered BIOS (F2 at startup) and changed the following settings: EDB = Enabled Legacy USB Support: Disabled USB S3 sleep: Enabled Sleep would work after pressing Fn+Esc and restart when pressing power switch Audio After trying so many different suggestions and so many voodoohda.kexts which would result in a numerous installations and restores I finally got it working by downloading the voodoohda-0.2.1.kext from http://code.google.com/p/voodoohda/downloads/list (last one) then installed this in the extra/updateextensions folder, then ran UpdateExtra, and restarted and sound was now working Next I am hoping to update to 10.6.7 not had much luck so far but will keep trying Thanks to all peeps who helped me with this, and have posted all the files required, this is not a definitive guide, just my experience with the Samsung N130 which may help others who have this netbook
  4. Enable Sleep On Samsung N130

    Thanks for your help kilyman I updated to 10.6.7 as you said but I lost ethernet and airport after the update. I restored back to 10.6.3 and ethernet and airport was back on again. I then reinstalled netbookinstaller-0.8.4 rc1 and put the voodoohda-0.2.1.kext from http://code.google.com/p/voodoohda/downloads/list (the last 1 beta version) into the extra/additionalextensions folder, and run UpdateExtra, then restarted. Still no sound Then I installed the voodoohda-0.2.1.kext into the extra/updateextensions folder, ran UpdateExtra, then restarted viola! sound is working now! To get the sleep working I went into BIOS as you said and changed the following: EDB = Enabled Legacy USB Support: Disabled USB S3 sleep: Enabled Now netbook sleeps when pressing Fn + Esc and restarts with power switch Couldnt get 10.6.7 working but all ok on 10.6.3 Will post a detailed experience and how I got it working on the Samsung Netbook section and work on updating to 10.6.7 Thanks Kilyman, also seen you are trying to update to 10.6.8 I noticed in the extra/generalextensions folder a load of kexts which might be useful, maybe try updating to 10.6.8 and checking this folder if the kexts are still there, if not maybe back them up and install after 10.6.8 update? You might have tried this but just a suggestion
  5. Enable Sleep On Samsung N130

    thanks for this installed voodoohda-2.7.2, kernel panic installed voodoohda-2.7.1, booted ok but get feedback noise after every bootup, have to change settings in voodoohdahelp everytime I will try installing the voodoohda-0.2.1 in extra/additionalextensions do i need to install it to system/library/extensions? also do i need to install netbookinstaller before and after 10.6.7 update? if so would 0.8.4 rc1 be ok? I'll try it and post how I can get on
  6. Enable Sleep On Samsung N130

    Hi Dont know if anyone can help me on getting sound working on my samsung n130 Here's what ive done Installed 10.6.3 on my netbook with image made using SL 10.6.3 retail disk everything seems to be working ok, except for sleep, sound and wifi Wifi is now ok as I bought a Dell 1397 and works out of the box I want to get the sound working before working on sleep but not getting anywhere with it I installed the voodooHDA.kext from the netbook-samsung section but only get HD audio in the system preferences and no sound. I also tried to update to 10.6.5 using the deanezra guide which updated ok but lost my ethernet and airport would not turn on. I also tried to install to voodooHDA-0.2.6.pkg but would get kernel panic and had to run through recovery=y then uninstall voodooHDA-0.2.6. After all that I'm back to 10.6.3 and is working fine except sound and sleep I just want the sound to work and im really struggling with this, any help appreciated, thanks
  7. Samsung N130

    Hi everyone Just been trying to put mac osx on my samsung n130 Here's what i've done Made an image of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 retail (NOT 10.6) using the Dell Mini Guide from Gizmodo. Restored to USB and patched using NetbookBootMaker 0.8.4 rc1 Then installed onto the netbook, installation went fine Touchpad, Graphics, and Ethernet all seem to be working fine. Wifi: I have bought a dell 1397 wifi card to sort the wireless issue out Sound: I installed AzaliaAudio and Full Sound 10.5.7 Then I installed the VoodooHDA and HDAEnable kexts using Kext Helper b7 and repaired disk permissions and after reboot still no luck with the sound at all. Tried a couple more times but still no luck. I also noticed Kext Helper b7 would not shut down properly after installing kexts and had to force close. Help required on this. Firstly are the files installed all ok? Do I need to install NetbookInstaller 0.8.4 rc1 too? Sleep does not work too but sound is important at the moment for me. Just got into this so got a lot to learn but hopefully getting there. Thanks in advance
  8. Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone hoping to learn valuable info and help others too started working on my samsung n130 netbook now