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  1. TP-Link TL-WN722N WiFi

    I purchased a TP Link TL-WN722n for use with my SP1 running 10.11 after confirming it works with osx 10.6-10.11 but Of course I received version 1 which does not have native drivers. It uses the AR9271 chipset. .V2 uses the RTL8188EUS , V2 is also the one with manufacture drivers.. Any way the AR9271 can be used with 10.11? or should I just return it and hope to get a v2 next time?
  2. thank you very much your assumption on the expired cert was correct after setting my machine date back to 16 it is installing.. thank you very much
  3. Thank you the config.plist on the EFI partition was set to italian.. I switched to English with the help of your documents. thank you very much.. I now have 2 new issues. 1) Screen is very white... 2) Says it cannot validate my El Cap installer and it may have been modified during download.. I do not believe its the newest copy of the installer but without internet on the Surface I'm not sure how its comparing that or why it thinks that..
  4. I am going to attempt to ask for help again.. So after doing much more reading it seems as though el cap will not allow clover or DiskUtil to create any partitions on an MBR formatted USB stick.. if you format it as an GUID Clover is able to created the EFI partition and allow for a bootable media with EL Cap but I have not tried with sierra just yet. Can I ask what version of OSX you used when preping your USB stick for Sierra? Also Any extra steps no matter how little you might have had to perform as I Think my surface is a trouble maker it is also one of the very first produced.
  5. It did not ask for my language nor Do i have a back button to go back and select another language.. thank you I will look at clovers config and @caleidoCope... this is the SECOND thread you've posted absolutely useless rubbish that has had no bearing. Please let this be a BLUNT message.. If you have the answer by all means share it.. But since it was fairly obvious you didn't and your out trolling please stop posting. As I didn't get a language selection Or i'd have PICKED one I can read.
  6. I have decided to try your guide and I can get a functioning installer made and get into the setup.. but it would appear to be in Italian.. any idea how I can change it to english as its throwing an error I can't read after I try to install after partitioning the HD on the surface
  7. I am not new to OSX or Hackintoshing but if i have to do extra steps like creating multiple partitions before the guide then it needs to say that.. I have checked with diskutil there is only a single partition on the USB drive so there's nothing to un-hide to copy files to. it also says make sure clover created the EFI partition.. which it is not doing. with the files and instructions provided on this thread that "just works", it is not. I am using a REAL mac to create the USB installer and follow the letter of the instructions to a T and its not working. Besides the glaring typo in the write up since as soon as you use the createinstallmedia command in step 3 it renames the USB from SierraStick To Install OS X Sierra so in step 4 it says to select SerriaStick that volume no longer exists. But I did make the ENORMOUS leap to just selecting my USB stick. I am also unable to partition the USB stick in Disk Utility under El Cappy no idea why this is and none of my USB sticks will allow partition to be selected regardless of mounted partitions or selecting either the device name or partition name. So as you may at some point wanted to attempt to be helpful your none of your replies where and actually derailed the thread and request for help. You may think me an impatient person with little knowledge but I am neither and as easy as this guide looked I assumed I would need to do more digging than a 5 step guide. But that said if your not going to deliver full instructions for the task at hand or mention that they will need to do extra then you should EXPECT QUESTIONS. ESPECIALLY if you bother to cover the USB prep but never mention you need to make your OWN EFI partition or that Clover might fail and you would have to. I am all for supporting peoples work and I am glad and thankful he took the time to do it. But my request for help being answered with derailing remarks about my intelligence level on the subject and a go read more, are unwarranted and unwelcome.
  8. did you get this to work? can you send me your clover? I have tried the clover he linked and several sticks from, Patriot/Sandisk/SiliconPower.. all no go reguardless of surface secure enabled or not.
  9. Clover is not creating a EFI partition on my USB stick at all it has some instructions when you check the ESP box saying.. any help would be appreciated because my Surface refuses to boot off the usb with or without secure boot enabled.
  10. nForce LAN driver

    hello i downloaded the newest package of your drivers hoping it would work with my AN8-32x motherboard running the nforce 4 chipset and after running the mpkg file i am unsure on what to do next... since it doesn't seem to be working.. any help would be appreciated System Specs: Abit AN8-32X Mobo with nforce 4 chipset. AMD Athlon X2 4200+ CPU 4gb DDR 400 Ram 128gb 7200 rpm Deskstar HD Generic IDE DVD-R +DL