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    Aspire One 110 modded: how to?

    hi everybody! first I'm sorry for my english >< I have an Acer Aspire One 110 with one more GB of RAM (1.5 total). I've insalled iatkos s3 v2 on an external USB drive. I need it to use the iPhone SDK but: 1) if I install the kext of the video card when I reboot it doesn't work, it display the screen wich ask me to press the power button to turn off the netbook and start again, always. 2) it's OSX 10.6.3 but for the SDK I need at least 10.6.6 but when I update the system, also just to 10.6.4 it gives me the same problem of the video card kext! So is anybody arrived to a solution on that? I don't care about wifi (I use an USB key) or SD slot, only about video and updates! The strange thing is that even if without the video driver (800x600 horrible resolution) an external monitor works fine... Thanks everybody for the help, waiting for a reply. Daniele -Italy